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WNT Ventures
WNT Ventures
Wharf42 is a co-founder of WNT Ventures, the investor of choice for many New Zealand researchers, CRI’s, universities and privately owned organisations and corporations
Plug and Play
Plug and Play
Wharf42 is an International Partner of Plug and Play Tech Center, Silicon Valley’s largest incubator. Plug and Play is home to the Wharf42 Meteoroid Program
SVForum is the oldest and largest entrepreneur and investor network in Silicon Valley. Wharf42 is proud to be an SVForum Global Outreach Partner

Introducing our Silicon Valley Network

Wharf42 has established significant partnerships with Silicon Valley’s leading entrepreneur and investor networks. We are a Plug and Play Tech Center International Partner and a Global Outreach Partner of SVForum. We host the Wharf42 Meteoroid Program at the Plug and Play offices in Sunnyvale, CA.

In New Zealand, we support the commercialisation of complex research and IP from our Universities, Crown Research Institutes & the private sector, via WNT Ventures. A co-founder of WNT, we work with our Silicon Valley networks to provide some of the key global connectivity that will be necessary to scale and accelerate WNT’s investment opportunities.

In April 2016, we co-organised SVForum’s ‘How Digital Technologies are Transforming AgTech’ Conference with Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. With our extensive contacts within the Silicon Valley AgTech startup and investor ecosystem, we were able to support New Zealand’s growing AgTech community connect and engage with both its Valley and wider North America market peers.

  • Co-founder of WNT Ventures, a leading New Zealand tech-focused incubator
  • Wharf42 is a Plug and Play Tech Center International Partner. Plug and Play is the largest business incubator in Silicon Valley
  • Wharf42′s Meteoroid Program, supporting early stage Kiwi tech companies connect with Silicon Valley, is hosted at Plug and Play
  • Wharf42 is proud to be a Global Outreach Partner of SVForum. SVForum is the oldest and largest entrepreneur and investor network in the Valley
  • In June 2016, Wharf42 teamed up with AgFunderNews, the world’s leading AgTech news portal and newsletter to help promote the New Zealand AgTech story to the global market

Recent Wharf42 Blog Posts

  • Fresno - In the heart of California's Central Valley

The 2017 Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program: 3-7 April 2017

June 23rd, 2016|0 Comments

Wharf42 is delighted to announce that it is once again working with Klaus and the team at SVForum to help build the Program for the 2017 SVForum AgTech Immersion Program. This follows the highly successful [...]

  • WNT Ventures - Commercialising complex IP from New Zealand's Universities & Crown Research Institutes

WNT Ventures sponsors the University of Canterbury Tech Jumpstart competition

June 22nd, 2016|0 Comments

It’s great news that WNT Ventures is offering a special prize for this year's University of Canterbury Research Tech Jumpstart competition. It’s part of WNT Venture’s strategy of building greater engagement with New Zealand’s fantastic [...]

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Promoting the NZ AgTech story with AgFunderNews

Wharf42 is delighted to team up with AgFunderNews, the world's leading AgTech news portal and newsletter to support Kiwi AgTech companies connect and engage with the global market

Providing a global Leadership Position Platform for NZ AgTech

Wharf42′s relationship with AgFunderNews will help assist New Zealand’s AgTech sector take a thought leadership position on the development of this sector to the global market

Wharf42 connects New Zealand business to Silicon Valley's vast innovation ecosystem

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