Enabling Kiwi AgTech Innovators  Connect with Silicon Valley

Robots, Drones & Sensors

The Conference discussed how digital technologies are transforming AgTech. New Zealand AgTech businesses demonstrated how they are meeting the challenge.

Digital Technology is Transforming AgTech

The farm of the future will look very different from the farm of today. We used real-world case studies from New Zealand to demonstrate why……and how.

Improving Productivity

By 2050, the world needs to increase food production by 70%. Improved technology will be the main driver for this.

Feeding the World's Population

As the world population grows to 9 billion people by 2050, so does the pressure on our natural resources. Implementing new digital technologies will assist remove that pressure.

Improving Sustainability

Whilst increasing food production, the environment requires more sustainable farming practices. Consumers and Governments are demanding that.

Leveraging Precision Agriculture

Improved precision agriculture will provide better use of our natural resources, improve farming sustainability and provide hiqh quality big data analytics to improve agricultural practices further.

Connecting AgTech Innovators, Food Producers and Investors

The 2016 Silicon Valley Forum ‘How Digital Technology is Transforming AgTech’ Conference took place in Silicon Valley on Thursday 21 April 2016. It was designed for anyone interested in agriculture technology industry trends, and engaging in meaningful interaction with key executives, professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders ready to disrupt and transform the AgTech ecosystem.

The conference brought together industry leaders and players to take a look into the future of AgTech and the impact that advancing digital technologies are having on this whole industry.

This Silicon Valley Forum Conference was co-organised with Wharf42 and Callaghan Innovation. It provided New Zealand AgTech and AgBusiness leaders with the opportunity to meet and engage with leading food and farming executives from across the region. The agenda included both keynotes and case studies from New Zealand to explain how Kiwis are addressing some of the key challenges facing the agriculture sector.

Wharf42 was proud to be the Co-Organiser of Silicon Valley Forum's major 2016 AgTech Conference