Wharf42 is delighted to publish all 28 videos that captured so much amazing New Zealand AgTech content at this month’s Farming2020 event.

As I have said many times before, Farming2020 was not a three-day event. Timed to coincide with New Zealand’s Techweek17, it has been designed as a platform to help build and promote New Zealand’s emerging AgTech sector. The videos highlight some of the great new technology being developed by Kiwi AgTech startups. They also bring together thought leaders from some of the country’s largest agribusinesses to share their views on how to engage more with our startup and early stage innovators.

‘The Future of New Zealand AgTech’ Panel Discussion

Speakers from Fonterra, LIC, Gallagher, Callaghan Innovation, NZVIF, Rezare Systems and Spark (amongst many others) shared their thinking and strategies to increase engagement with the country’s emerging AgTech ecosystem.

From Silicon Valley, we heard about the opportunity that New Zealand AgTech businesses had to scale on the global stage. From established New Zealand exporting agribusinesses, we learnt about some of the opportunities and challenges that Kiwi companies had to address before heading offshore.

The Farming2020 Video Collection is the most significant set of collated content that the sector has generated. You can view it all, free of charge, via the link below.

The Farming2020 Video Collection

Our special thanks go out to Paul Nelson and the team from WINTEC who captured the content as well as James Meldrum from the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) who assisted with the post-production editing

We would also like to thank all the speakers and presenters who so kindly contributed their time to make this video collection possible.