Getting early stage New Zealand AgriTech businesses connected to the global market is an important goal for Sprout, New Zealand’s leading AgriTech accelerator. This week, that task has become a whole lot easier.

Wharf42 & Sprout have signed a partnership agreement which will provide Sprout alumni businesses with access to Wharf42’s extensive Silicon Valley AgriTech network. Additionally, Wharf42 will become a mentor to early stage AgriTech companies in Sprout’s upcoming 2017-2018 cohort programme. We’ll be working to make this happen with other leading Sprout corporate partners including Fonterra, LIC & Gallagher.

The Sprout Accelerator Demo Day

The Sprout Accelerator Demo Day

Accessing the US market traditionally presents a host of challenges for individual Kiwi AgriTech entrepreneurs. It’s just so big and diverse that without an existing ecosystem to hook into, it can be damned hard work. Hooking up to Wharf42’s established Bay area network of AgriTech entrepreneurs, innovation hubs, mentors and investors is designed to make that journey so much easier.

We’ll be working with in-market partners such as Silicon Valley Forum, Plug & Play and the Western Growers Innovation & Technology Center. In New Zealand, we will be working with Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise who are both actively supporting the acceleration of the AgriTech sector. It’s all part of a much bigger drive to increase the level of collaboration in New Zealand between government agencies, major agribusinesses, research institutes and of course our start-up and scale-up AgriTech community.

Getting Started: The 2017 / 2018 Sprout Programme is accepting applications.

For New Zealand start-up AgriTech businesses looking to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey, the good news is that registrations for the 2017/18 Sprout programme are now open!

The Sprout programme will provide the eight selected start-ups with the following:

  • All the basics on how to establish and setup your business
  • Access to cash funding toward the development of your product or innovation
  • World class AgriTech business training and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and business experts
  • Access to a national and international investor group
  • Opportunity to identify and obtain the additional resources you need to grow
  • And now the chance to meet and engage directly with a global AgriTech network

You can find out more details about the programme and the Application Form, right now, at

Wharf42 looks forward to working with you and the great team at Sprout.