Wharf42 is delighted to announce that it is once again working with Klaus and the team at SVForum to help build the Program for the 2017 SVForum AgTech Immersion Program.

This follows the highly successful 2016 SVForum AgTech Immersion Program and Conference which saw over 25 New Zealand AgTech companies and 4 Kiwi Universities and Crown Research Institutes spend a week back in April, in Silicon Valley. It was the very positive response to that visit that has helped build the platform for the 2017 event.

Fresno - In the heart of California's Central Valley

Fresno – In the heart of California’s Central Valley

In 2017, we will be visiting major new centres in the wider Northern California region. These will include the state capital, Sacramento, and Fresno. Fresno is in the centre of the San Joaquin Valley and is the largest city in the Central Valley, one of the heartlands of North American agriculture.

The other major change will be the investment focus of the week. This is designed to address one of the main lessons that I certainly took away with me during the recent 2016 Program. This is the impact that the lack of access to significant capital in New Zealand has in assisting potentially high growth Kiwi AgTech companies scale globally. We know from this year’s visit to the Valley that we compete technologically with the best. Engender Technology’s recent AgTech category win at the SVForum World Cup Tech Challenge, was proof of this.

So the 2017 program will include the opportunity for New Zealand AgTech businesses to pitch for funding from some of the largest US AgTech funds and venture capital firms. Wharf42 will be working with SVForum and other major partners to assist prepare these businesses to take full advantage of this opportunity. Additionally, we will be assisting put together a program of 1-2-1 meetings on the Friday so that the Kiwi businesses can follow-up on connections made through the week. This will be a key call to action for the US funds and investors engaged through the week’s program.

With the recent visit to the region still fresh in the memory, Wharf42 has continued to work behind the scenes to help open up the North American market for Kiwi AgTech businesses. We look forward to working with SVForum and others to make this initiative a major platform for New Zealand’s AgTech sector to continue to grow and expand into this region.