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Disruption sometimes hurts. How can NZ agribusiness engage?

I am writing this (depressing / optimistic post depending on your point of view) wearing my Wharf42 investment hat. As a co-founder and limited partner in WNT Ventures, I know something about disruption. When you look at some of WNT’s investments, disrupting existing technologies & business models is a core part of the mandate: Think Nyriad, Avertana & Mint Innovation. [...]

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Building a collaborative New Zealand agritech framework with the UK

Less than 24 hours ago, the UK Parliament rejected Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’ with the European Union. A few hours later, I sat down with Laura Clarke, the British High Commissioner to New Zealand, to discuss opportunities to develop long-term collaboration with New Zealand's agritech sector. The business of business goes on. Whatever the final 'Brexit' outcome, the need to [...]

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5 things to look out for from New Zealand agritech during 2019

As we settle back into our desks and dust the sand off our jandals, these are 5 things to look out for from New Zealand’s agritech sector in 2019. The ongoing development of Agritech New Zealand. In October, a workshop was held in Auckland to formally define its Purpose. It was attended by the organisation’s Executive Council, representing agritech stakeholders [...]

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The 2018 Agritech New Zealand roadshow has landed in the South Island!

The 2018 Agritech New Zealand roadshow has landed in the South Island and over the next week the team will be hosting events in Nelson, Lincoln & Dunedin. If you want to attend and learn more about some of the fantastic opportunities now facing the sector, register for your free ticket now: Monday 15 October: Nelson: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/the-2018-agritech-new-zealand-showcase-nelson-tickets-50371205632 Tuesday 16 October: [...]

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Join the Emerging Futures Summit webinar on Food this Wednesday

I’m delighted to be joining Toni Laming, CEO of Blinc Innovation & Grant Bennett, Lecturer in Microbiology and Food Safety at ARA Institute of Canterbury, for Wednesday’s Emerging Futures Summit webinar on Food. Organised by New Zealand Education, the Emerging Futures Summit is a free online global workshop designed for young people to connect, collaborate and shape their future path. [...]

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The next big global agritech opportunity.

It’s a question I was asked last week. Three times. It was essentially this. If New Zealand’s agritech sector had $100M of connected capital to invest in the next big global agritech opportunity, what would it be? It’s a great question. Over the past few weeks, I have been struck by two major opportunities. Automation: During the recent Silicon Valley [...]

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Western Growers Partners with Agritech New Zealand to Connect Global AgTech Markets

I’m delighted to able to announce that Agritech New Zealand has signed a significant partnership agreement with Western Growers, the largest producers of fresh produce in North America. The agreement addresses some of the significant challenges that New Zealand agritech companies have faced when entering the US market. Where to land? Who to speak to? How to validate tech in-market [...]

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Meet the 30+ New Zealand agritech delegates about to make history

In less than 3 weeks, 30+ New Zealand agritech delegates will be joining the 2018 Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program & Conference. This will be the third year that Wharf42 has helped facilitate the event, together with our partners Silicon Valley Forum, Callaghan Innovation & NZTE. When we first embarked on developing the program back in 2015, we could not [...]

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Join the 30+ kiwis attending next month’s 2018 Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program

Once again, Wharf42 is delighted to be working with Callaghan Innovation & our partner, Silicon Valley Forum, to enable New Zealand agritech entrepreneurs meet and engage with Silicon Valley’s vast agritech ecosystem. Next month, we will be visiting different agritech hubs in the San Francisco Bay area, San Jose, Salinas and Fresno as we connect with innovators, investors and some [...]

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Lessons learnt in Salinas, Monterey Bay

Last week, I had the opportunity to represent Agritech New Zealand at two major agtech events in the San Francisco Bay area: The Mixing Bowl IT Food conference in the city and the Forbes Live AgTech Summit in Salinas, Monterey Bay. In Salinas, I was joined by about 600 other agri innovators, agribusinesses and agri investors. It was good to [...]

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