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Wharf42 is a reflection of my passion to scale and build New Zealand's agritech sector at home and offshore

Wharf42 & the Sprout AgriTech Accelerator join forces

Getting early stage New Zealand AgriTech businesses connected to the global market is an important goal for Sprout, New Zealand’s leading AgriTech accelerator. This week, that task has become a whole lot easier. Wharf42 & Sprout have signed a partnership agreement which will provide Sprout alumni businesses with access to Wharf42’s extensive Silicon Valley AgriTech network. Additionally, Wharf42 will become [...]

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New Zealand AgTech intensifies its focus on the US market

Supporting the commercialisation of New Zealand AgTech is at the heart of much of what Wharf42 does. That task is being much easier by the increasing collaboration we are witnessing between New Zealand government agencies and the wider agribusiness sector. One clear example of this is the intensification of the sector's focus on the massive opportunities being offered in the [...]

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The AgFunder 2017 Mid-Year Investing Report has been released. Why it matters for New Zealand

Overnight, AgFunder released its 2017 Mid-Year Investing Report. You can download a free copy from here. It identified that early stage investment in agrifood tech startups reached $4.4 billion in the first half of 2017, posting a 6% year-over-year increase reversing the downward trend of 2016 when agrifood tech investing dropped 17% to $6.9 billion from $8.3 billion in 2015. [...]

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WNT Ventures is hiring! For a newly created Investment Manager role

WNT Ventures is looking to hire a newly created Investment Manager role to be based in New Zealand’s most amazing city, (a little bias perhaps!), Tauranga. WNT Ventures has recently secured commitments from existing and new investors nationally for its Second Fund.  With the new fund up and running, and following the completion of the initial investment phase of its first fund (www.wntventures.co.nz/portfolio), [...]

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BREAKING: AgTech to take centre stage at Techweek 2018

I’m delighted to announce that Wharf42 has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with the New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTech) to work together to deliver the major Food & AgTech ‘Hero Event’ for Techweek 2018. In May this year, Wharf42 organised Techweek 2017's Farming2020 3-day event. If you want to view some of the 28 amazing presentations that took place [...]

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Venture Centre is growing Tauranga’s innovation ecosystem outreach

Last week, Tauranga hosted its inaugural innovation festival, Groundswell. Over seven days, a number of truly inspiring events were held across the city, featuring many of the Bay of Plenty’s leading entrepreneurs and emerging tech businesses, enabling us to celebrate their outstanding achievements. Last night, I joined a large crowd at Tauranga’s Art Gallery to enjoy the festival’s final showcase; [...]

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Wharf42 & the Western Growers Innovation & Technology Center join forces

Over the weekend, Wharf42 entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Western Growers Innovation & Technology Center, based in Salinas, CA. The MOU is designed to provide early stage New Zealand AgTech companies with access to the co-working space facility at the Center’s offices in Salinas. This includes access to training and mentorship, monthly seminars, regularly scheduled events [...]

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UPDATE: Meet some of the 28 Aussie VC’s coming to NZ in August

On Monday, I published a breaking post about a planned visit by Aussie VCs to New Zealand. At the time, I said that I was surprised that I had not heard more about the visit before then. That’s one hell of a shame. 28 Aussie VCs are now coming to NZ. That's awesome! The good news is that [...]

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ATTENTION: Kiwi startups. Pitch to Aussie VCs. In New Zealand. Next month.

Some of Australia’s leading venture capitalists are visiting our shores in August. For New Zealand tech startups looking to raise capital, this might be a great opportunity to meet, connect and engage. The visit is being put together by the aptly-named High Expectation and its co-sponsors, Amazon Web Services and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE). You can learn more [...]

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BREAKING: Tauranga’s new $8.42 million Regional Research Institute; Plantech

It was great to hear that the Bay of Plenty’s bid for a new Regional Research Institute, centred on horticulture, has been approved by Government. The announcement was made at this morning’s Bay of Connections forum in Rotorua. The Government will contribute $8.42 million towards the running costs of the Institute over the next five years. This will be matched [...]

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