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NZD/USD Creates Opportunity for Valley Investors

Over the past few weeks, I have been following the fall in the NZD / USD cross rate with interest. As Jacqui and I are about to embark on our three month gig in Silicon Valley, everything has just got a whole lot more expensive. And it looks as though more is about to follow. In New Zealand, the Reserve [...]

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Banking in Silicon Valley (a Pam Corkery moment)

One of the biggest challenges I faced and continue to face in Silicon Valley is the US banking system. For any Kiwi entrepreneur looking to set up shop in the Valley (or for that matter, pretty much anywhere in the United States) working on your banking strategy at the outset, is essential. This post is by no means a definitive [...]

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UPDATED: Plotting the NZ$ / US$ Conversion Rate

On Sunday, I am traveling to San Francisco and will be picking up some US$s on the way. Right now, I am looking at a conversion rate of approx. NZ$1 for US$0.86c. That’s a lot of US$s. Update: 10.30am 18 March 2014: Shortly after I published this post, the NZ$ pushed ahead against the US$. As I write, it stands [...]

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