Digital Disruption will impact your Business

When I saw the IBM slide below, I knew it absolutely nailed a message I have been preaching for the past few months. It went further. It totally smashed it out of the park. It goes to the heart of the debate about how digital disruption cannot only fatally damage individual businesses, but can transform whole industries. And it’s early [...]

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Why Xero is important for the New Zealand technology sector

Xero is, for many, the poster child of the New Zealand ICT sector. I have watched it grow from its very early days. Whilst Rod Drury led the team in New Zealand, co-founder Hamish Edwards was selling the Xero story to accountants in the UK. Its growth has been prodigious. Ever since its inception, Xero has been at the forefront [...]

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The UK Revisited – Tracking the ICT Sector

There is something vaguely strange about writing this post. I arrived in London three days ago. I am on the second leg of a global journey, visiting and meeting with key networks in offshore markets. Although New Zealand and Silicon Valley are Wharf42’s spiritual homes, we live in such a connected world that it is necessary to reach out to [...]

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Fewer US Startups – Lessons for NZ

One of the benefits of spending time offshore is the ability to map reality against perception. Whilst in the US this week, I have had one of those gotcha moments. I had thought that the number of startups in the US was increasing, particularly in the tech space. According to a piece in Friday’s Wall Street Journal however, the creation [...]

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Update: Telling the New Zealand Story

This is an update on a post first published three months ago. Then I talked about a presentation given by Steve Smith, co-founder of Craggy Range Vineyards, who spoke about the concept behind the New Zealand Story. The New Zealand Story was launched by the Prime Minister in November 2013 to help New Zealand companies gain an advantage by sharing [...]

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Australia Abandons its Start-up Sector – Lessons to be learnt in New Zealand

Yesterday, the Abbott Government delivered its first Australian Federal budget. I am grateful for the Australia Financial Review for much of the following content. It confirms the Australian startup community's worst fears and holds important lessons for New Zealand. ‘The federal government has confirmed plans to discontinue two key funding and grants programs for technology start-ups, following through on a [...]

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Love Niche – Silicon Valley’s Best Friend

Over the past few days, tech stocks have been tanking across the globe. My post yesterday talked about the so-called emerging dot.com bubble. I said it would only really affect listed stocks. My view has not changed. My post went on to point out some of the significant changes that have fundamentally changed market dynamics since the last real crash [...]

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