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US Health Insurance, NZ Tech and some Dunedin Magic

In my post to this blog yesterday, I talked about how Health Insurance is the #1 US Employee Benefit. The post was designed to provide some insight into just how important health insurance is in the US and how it is converted by US employees. They just cannot load up on enough of it. New Zealand start-up and early stage [...]

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Health Insurance. The #1 US Employee Benefit

OK. So not your average Monday morning New Zealand conversation piece. However, if you plan to enter the US market, this single issue will become very real, very soon. No other issue caused me more grief than organising and managing US employees’ health insurance. It is complex. It is expensive and it is utterly foreign to your average Kiwi. Absolutely [...]

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Outsourcing from the Inside

Ever since I arrived in New Zealand in 2003, I have always been surprised at just how little discussion there has been about Outsourcing Dev work within the ICT community. In the UK, it was a very different story. I first became interested in the concept at the back-end of the 1990s. In the run-up to Y2K, finding good developers [...]

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UPDATED: Throwing a High Grade T1 Diagnosis into the Mix

As any start-up or early stage business entrepreneur will know, the number of challenges the gods can throw up are never-ending. Just when you think things are all figured out, something usually goes wrong. It might be a poor response to a funding round; a time-consuming internal HR issue; a delay to the release of your long-anticipated best-selling widget. In [...]

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