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The Changing Face of Tech Accelerators in Silicon Valley

During last week’s tour of Silicon Valley, the New Zealand AgTech delegation had the opportunity to visit the Plug and Play Tech Center, in Sunnyvale. I have, of course, a very close affinity with Plug and Play. It has been my Valley home for the past five years and I have seen its ecosystem grow up over this time. That [...]

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Innovation at Fieldays 2015 – And a lesson to be learnt

I spent yesterday visiting the Innovation Hub at Fieldays 2015. The timing was perfect. Today, I have a WNT Ventures Investment Committee meeting and AgTech is high on the agenda. First of all some background: Fieldays is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agricultural event, providing a unique opportunity to showcase New Zealand’s agriculture, agribusiness and agtech. 120,000 visitors are expected to [...]

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Spotlight on GridAKL

I have written previous posts about some of New Zealand’s emerging co-working spaces. In my home town of Tauranga, I have highlighted both Ignition and Basestation. In Christchurch, I have talked about the important role that EPIC is playing in the local innovation ecosystem as the city rebuilds. Today, I am looking at GridAKL and the increasingly important role it [...]

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StretchSense & the Case for Vertical Accelerators

Last week, StretchSense, the Auckland-based wearable tech start-up announced that they been invited to join the Plug and Play Internet of Things (IoT) Accelerator later this month. This is great news for Ben, Todd and the rest of the team. It follows last month’s announcement by Wellington-based Social Code that they were joining the Techstars Sprint Accelerator for Mobile Health. [...]

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The Case for Vertical Accelerators

Last week, our Silicon Valley partner, the Plug and Play Tech Center, announced its FinTech & Security Winter 2015 Accelerator Program. It is a 12-week program focused on startups innovating in the areas of mobile payments and banking, security and authentication.  Startups accepted into the program are offered exclusive mentorship, feedback on product ideas and roadmaps, introductions to investor and [...]

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Oren Gershtein: Transforming the New Zealand economy

Last week, I spent Thursday and Friday with Oren Gershtein. Oren was chief executive of Israel’s leading technology incubator, Jerusalem’s Van Leer Ventures, for nine years. He was in New Zealand to talk to the three new tech-focused incubators recently selected by Callaghan Innovation to introduce this tech-focused incubator model to the country. At a presentation to a group of [...]

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The Wharf42 Live! Series: Oren Gershtein presents

Wharf42 is delighted to host Oren Gershtein for a lunchtime presentation at the Ignition offices in Tauranga on Friday 19th September. Israeli technology expert Oren is a true believer in his homeland’s start-up incubator programme, which New Zealand wants to replicate. Many of the world’s technology titans – including Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Intel – have research and development operations [...]

Inside the Plug and Play B2B Accelerator

On Thursday, Lending Club announced that they were filing for a US$ 500M IPO. The startup’s most recent private-company valuation was US$ 3.8 billion. Lending Club is a peer 2 peer lending platform. They joined Plug and Play in 2007 where the company was introduced to Norwest Venture Partners who provided them with their initial round of funding. Since then, [...]

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Introducing Design Thinking to Tech-focused Incubation

One of the most exciting things that has come out of the selection of WNT Ventures by Callaghan Innovation is the white board we have been offered to build out the incubator. I have already posted on some aspects of the Israeli incubator model. These provide important lessons and where possible, we will apply some of these to WNT. However, [...]

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Transforming New Zealand’s Incubator Space

I have been thinking about this post for some time. A combination of context, history and timing have all conspired against my penning it. Monday’s advertisement for the WNT Ventures Incubator Manager’s vacancy however has cleared the fog. The advertisement, backed by Callaghan Innovation’s appointment of WNT Ventures as one of just three tech-focused incubators, marks a new beginning for [...]

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