Building a collaborative New Zealand agritech framework with the UK

Less than 24 hours ago, the UK Parliament rejected Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’ with the European Union. A few hours later, I sat down with Laura Clarke, the British High Commissioner to New Zealand, to discuss opportunities to develop long-term collaboration with New Zealand's agritech sector. The business of business goes on. Whatever the final 'Brexit' outcome, the need to [...]

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Join the Emerging Futures Summit webinar on Food this Wednesday

I’m delighted to be joining Toni Laming, CEO of Blinc Innovation & Grant Bennett, Lecturer in Microbiology and Food Safety at ARA Institute of Canterbury, for Wednesday’s Emerging Futures Summit webinar on Food. Organised by New Zealand Education, the Emerging Futures Summit is a free online global workshop designed for young people to connect, collaborate and shape their future path. [...]

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The next big global agritech opportunity.

It’s a question I was asked last week. Three times. It was essentially this. If New Zealand’s agritech sector had $100M of connected capital to invest in the next big global agritech opportunity, what would it be? It’s a great question. Over the past few weeks, I have been struck by two major opportunities. Automation: During the recent Silicon Valley [...]

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London Calling. Is the NZ AgriTech sector up for it?

Whilst Wharf42 is probably best known for its connectivity with Silicon Valley’s rapidly growing AgriTech ecosystem, our global connections go a little further. During Fieldays in June, many farmers and agribusinesses will have visited the different UK exhibitors taking part in the Great Britain Pavilion. The Pavilion was funded by the UK Department of International Trade (UKDIT), its first such [...]

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New Zealand AgTech intensifies its focus on the US market

Supporting the commercialisation of New Zealand AgTech is at the heart of much of what Wharf42 does. That task is being much easier by the increasing collaboration we are witnessing between New Zealand government agencies and the wider agribusiness sector. One clear example of this is the intensification of the sector's focus on the massive opportunities being offered in the [...]

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Building a post-Brexit Strategy for and from New Zealand

This is a rather odd post given the more usual New Zealand tech focus of the Wharf42 blog. Its origins go back some 37 years. I was 22 years’ old when I was awarded the Medaille d’Argent Robert Schuman Award in Montigny-les-Metz, France. The citation read; ‘en reconnaissance de la contribution qu’il a personnellement apportee a la preparation de l’unification [...]

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Welcome to the Year of the Monkey

In last month’s ‘The Wharf42 Preview of 2016’ post, I talked a little bit about Asia as being one of our key focus areas of activity this year. Last Thursday, I invited Kiwi startups to apply to join the SPH Plug and Play Accelerator Program in Singapore. You can view that post here. Today, like millions of others, I will [...]

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