Meteoroid is the name of the Wharf42 Silicon Valley Acceleration Program

The 2016 Meteoroid Program pivots towards AgTech

It was exactly 12 months ago this week that Wharf42 formally launched the Meteoroid Program in Tauranga. You can view some of the highlights of that launch here. The intention then, as now, is to support early stage Kiwi tech companies connect and then engage with Silicon Valley’s vast innovation ecosystem. Since 2011, Wharf42 has established strong networks in the [...]

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Plug and Play Ventures – Most Silicon Valley VC Deals in 2014

In a month’s time, I am heading back to Sunnyvale to spend three months with some early stage Kiwi tech companies. They are part of the Meteoroid Program which kicks off in July at the Plug and Play Tech Center campus. As many previous posts have revealed, I have, over the past four to five years, spent a considerable amount [...]

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Meteoroid Program Webinar Series Announced

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Meteoroid Program’s new webinar series. The series is designed to provide early stage New Zealand ICT businesses, their advisors and their investors with an insight into the range of issues that need to be considered when entering the North American market. Connecting with Silicon Valley We will be announcing [...]

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The Launch Highlights: Graeme Muller – Chief Executive, NZTech

This was Graeme’s first formal visit to the region as the new Chief Executive of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association. It was not however his first visit to Tauranga. Graeme is a local and we hope to see a lot more of him over the coming months and years. Graeme Muller taking about NZTech at the Meteoroid Launch [...]

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The Launch Highlights: Jim Donegan – US Consul General

Jim Donegan, US Consul General to New Zealand, kicked off the Meteoroid Program launch with a review of current US / NZ trade relations with a specific focus on the technology sector. Jim Donegan - US Consul General to New Zealand He reminded the audience that the first US Consul General to be appointed to New Zealand had [...]

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The Launch Highlights: Hon Simon Bridges – Minister for Transport

I was not too sure how to introduce Simon. His list of ministerial portfolios is rather long. I chose therefore the easiest option, ‘Simon Bridges, elected Member of Parliament for Tauranga and Minister with a large portfolio of ministerial responsibilities’. Simon shot back that that epitaph (the Ministerial bit) belonged to his colleague, Steven Joyce. Touché. Hon Simon Bridges [...]

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The Launch Highlights: Peter Withers – inaugural Regional Director Americas for TradeNZ

Peter has a very significant knowledge of the North American market and the performance of New Zealand businesses operating in the region. As well as having worked for NZTrade (now NZTE), setting up new NZ embassies and missions around the world, Peter was also Chair of the MBA Executive Council (2013-2014). The Council represents the leading 240 business schools in [...]

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The Launch Highlights: Live with Silicon Valley

One of the highlights of the Meteoroid launch was the live link to Silicon Valley. The event was joined via video conference with Jupe Tan, VP Plug and Play International Operations and Yael Oppenheimer, the International Operations Manager. I feared a Steve Ballmer moment. It did not happen. The technology worked. Phew. Live with Plug and Play, Sunnyvale, CA [...]

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UPDATED: The Meteoroid is about to hit Auckland

UPDATED: 27/11/2014: This is the final day of the Meteoroid trip to Auckland. Bits of Meteoroid can now be found in the Wynyard Quarter, Quay Street and Parnell. Peeps also now know that Friday 23 January is the official launch date of the Program. The launch will take place in Tauranga. Just 55 days then (plus one more breakfast) before [...]

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Connecting Dots for 35 Years!

Anyone who has followed the Wharf42 blog will understand our mission to help connect startup and early stage New Zealand ICT businesses with Silicon Valley. It is the core objective of the Meteoroid Program. It reflects much of our focus since inception in February 2012. It was not always so. Whilst clearing out some paperwork this last weekend, I came [...]

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