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“New Zealand, it’s time to get your big boy or big girl pants on as the Agritech moment has arrived”.

So said Arama Kukutai, co-founder and managing director of Finistere Ventures, in his keynote address at the ’10 billion mouths’ agritech conference in Tauranga last week. And Arama should know. He has just led the largest ever delegation of Silicon Valley venture capital investors to New Zealand. During their four days in the country, the delegation had the opportunity to [...]

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The AgFunder 2017 Mid-Year Investing Report has been released. Why it matters for New Zealand

Overnight, AgFunder released its 2017 Mid-Year Investing Report. You can download a free copy from here. It identified that early stage investment in agrifood tech startups reached $4.4 billion in the first half of 2017, posting a 6% year-over-year increase reversing the downward trend of 2016 when agrifood tech investing dropped 17% to $6.9 billion from $8.3 billion in 2015. [...]

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UPDATE: Meet some of the 28 Aussie VC’s coming to NZ in August

On Monday, I published a breaking post about a planned visit by Aussie VCs to New Zealand. At the time, I said that I was surprised that I had not heard more about the visit before then. That’s one hell of a shame. 28 Aussie VCs are now coming to NZ. That's awesome! The good news is that [...]

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Inside San Francisco’s Accelerator Playbook: Important lessons for New Zealand

During April’s Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program and Conference, the Kiwi delegation spent two hours hearing from some of the region’s most exciting synthetic biology startups. They all had one thing in common. They were either alumni or participants of the Indie Bio Accelerator Program. Indie Bio is based in downtown San Francisco. The presentations provided some really interesting insights [...]

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Techweek AKL: The Art of Angel Investing

Tomorrow  night, I plan to attend the angel@mytable event which is being sponsored by Tauranga's Venture Centre and being hosted at Grid AKL in Halsey Street. It is all part of Techweek AKL. Twelve months ago, Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures spoke up at the road at the ASB Cube Conference centre.  The focus of the event [...]

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‘The Art of Angel Investing’: Bill Reichert at ASB Bank

Last Thursday, over 70 Auckland-based investors attended the Wharf42 investor presentation at the Cube Events Centre in ASB Bank’s Wynyard Quarter HQ. The focus of the event was to talk about the current Silicon Valley tech and investment landscape and how it can potentially engage with New Zealand’s own innovation ecosystem. Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures was [...]

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The Onward March of NZ Equity Crowdfunding

It’s just over a year now that New Zealand’s equity crowdfunding gig kicked off. Whilst the model is still evolving, some interesting lessons are being learnt. First of all though, hat doffed to the pioneers. Whilst the tech behind most equity crowdfunding platforms is pretty straightforward, it takes time and money to work through the various regulatory processes. Hat doffed [...]

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Leading US Angel visits Tauranga

It’s great to see that Enterprise Angels have secured a visit to Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty with leading US Angel investor, John May. John is the managing partner of New Vantage Group, a McLean, VA firm that innovatively mobilizes private equity into early-stage companies and provides advisory services to both funds, private investors and entrepreneurs.  John has been [...]

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Why the Meteoroid Growth Fund is Significant

This post has been prompted by the number of enquiries received since I first announced the setting up of the Meteoroid Growth Fund on Friday. As numerous previous posts on this blog have pointed out, much of the mission of Wharf42 is based on my personal experience of living and working in Silicon Valley. I have witnessed at first-hand how [...]

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An Angel and VC Pavilion? It must be Silicon Valley

And it’s a warm welcome from Sunnyvale! I have just spent the first day of my current Silicon Valley trip at the Plug and Play Tech Center campus here in the heart of the Valley. I caught up with key members of the Plug and Play team as I prepare for the announcement referred to in yesterday’s post, The Wharf42 [...]

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