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VIDEO: Inward AgTech R&D Investment into NZ – with Kjesten Wiig, MBIE

Since my return from April's Silicon Valley Forum AgTech Immersion Program & Conference, I have been talking to a number of Kiwi AgTech companies & investors in Silicon Valley about how we can attract inward investment for significant R&D here. I am not alone. Last year, the New Zealand Government announced a new national strategy to attract more overseas investment [...]

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A User’s View of Pacific Edge’s Cxbladder technology

It’s strange how ones view of technology can be influenced by personal circumstance. On the New Zealand stock exchange, Pacific Edge is often described as a ‘growth stock’. It is lumped together by market analysts with Xero, Wynyard, SLI Systems and other high tech stocks. When times are good, prices rise. When times are bad, prices sink. To me however, [...]

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NZ Start-ups get Budget Lift

On Thursday, I posted a blog with the title ‘Australia Abandons its Start-up Sector – Lessons to be learnt in New Zealand’. It followed the Abbott Government’s first budget since coming into office. I finished the article by saying that ‘later today, Bill English will be presenting his annual Budget to the New Zealand Parliament. I am not expecting anything [...]

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Tauranga’s Coastal Research Field Station Leads by Example

At last night’s Tauranga Chamber of Commerce BA5, I got a much better insight into the work of the Coastal Research Field Station which was established at Sulphur Point in Tauranga in December 2011.  The field station is led by Professor Chris Battershill, the inaugural Chair in Coastal Science for the Bay of Plenty. The field station positions the region [...]

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That Was One Long Weekend!

It all started with the Astia C-Suite Screening webex at 3.00am on Good Friday and it is kind of just finishing off now. It has been a strange Easter. Rain, sun, some jazz, some chocolate and a lot of RfP thrown in. Yesterday’s tweet from Andy Hamilton of The Icehouse resonated well. I got it. Catching the Jazz in [...]

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NZTE Better by Design US Study Tour 2013 – Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical is based in Sunnyvale. It is one of those hundreds of tech buildings I used to drive past every day. That is, until the 2013 NZTE Better By Design US Study Tour dropped by. And so it was; one day last July, I joined the US Study Tour to be introduced to Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Surgical System, [...]

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