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A Letter from Sunnyvale

Hey Silicon Valley! It’s great to be back! Jacqui and I touched down at San Francisco International yesterday. Today, we are reconnecting with friends and business partners from across the region. We are here to lead the vanguard of 30 Kiwi companies due to arrive in town over the next 72 hours for a week of intense AgTech engagement. So [...]

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Are Kiwis ready for Silicon Valley? And visa-versa

One of life’s greatest joys is meeting first-time Kiwis visiting the Valley. They bring an innocence and a modesty that is in short supply here. Big in New Plymouth, massive in Gore, they arrive at SFO with all the guile of Dick Whittington. Yep, those streets are paved with gold. TechCrunch says so. A month later, the reality has kicked [...]

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The 2016 New Zealand Meets Silicon Valley Program

Last night, I caught up with Adiba Barney and Bill Reichert for dinner. It was great to reconnect. A key outcome of the evening was the discussion around some of the logistics necessary for Wharf42’s 2016 #NZgoesSV program supporting Kiwi tech start-ups looking to explore opportunities in Silicon Valley. The discussion was necessary. We are looking to bring upto 40 [...]

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Supporting Winternz 2015

Last week, I had a great conversation with Nuwanthie Samarakone, founder of ICE Professionals. Nuwanthie has linked up with Valley-based Craig Elliot to promote Craig’s fantastic initiative, Winternz. Winternz has been created to allow exceptional Kiwi undergraduate and graduate talent to experience Silicon Valley for 3 – 12 months. Winternz is not just targeting New Zealand geeks. The program is [...]

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Have you joined SVForum yet?

It’s been a week since I landed in Sunnyvale. It’s been a week of re-connections, new connections and BBQs. Yeah! On Thursday, I caught up with Adiba Barney from SVForum. We discussed the planned #NZgoesSV program and various other potential initiatives for the coming 12 months. The visit to New Zealand back in May has left some lasting impressions. The [...]

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Letter from Sunnyvale

I am watching KRON4 News as I type this letter. I do this every morning. It reports on the latest shootings overnight and the current drive times around the Bay. Its Storm Tracker tells me that there will be no storm. There hasn’t been one for months. In International News, I learn that Princess Charlotte has been christened. That’s it. [...]

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Bill & Adiba: What did they really think

Over the past few days, I have posted several articles to this blog recounting some of the actual events that occurred during Bill Reichert  & Adiba Barney’s visit to New Zealand. You can view these here: Tauranga Wellington Christchurch Auckland Away from the crowds, we had a chance to digest much of what we saw and what we heard. Bill [...]

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‘The Secrets of Silicon Valley’: Bill Reichert at ASB

Following up on yesterday’s post, ‘The Art of Angel Investing’, I am posting an article based on Bill’s Friday Wharf42 investor presentation at ASB’s Wynyard Quarter HQ. The Secrets of Silicon Valley is an excellent explanation that details just why Silicon Valley is the global innovation hub it is. Many have tried to replicate the model. No-one has succeeded. [...]

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Bill Reichert & Adiba Barney in Auckland

Over the first four days of their visit to New Zealand, Bill & Adiba had met entrepreneurs and investors in Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch. The visit had demonstrated the strength of each local innovation ecosystem and the collaborative roles played by each of its different parts. On Thursday, we finally arrived in Auckland. Over two days, we were to experience [...]

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Bill Reichert & Adiba Barney in Christchurch

We arrived in Christchurch on Tuesday night. It had been a long day but more about that later. Breakfast in Wellington with some of New Zealand’s leading Maori business leaders that morning had put a very Kiwi stamp on Bill & Adiba’s visit to the country. Walking around Christchurch’s CBD in the early evening revealed another. This was a city [...]

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