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Awesome innovation direct from the garage

Yesterday, I spent time with two very determined Kiwi entrepreneurs who have spent the past 20 years building a dream. What began as a small project has grown over time and their first prototype is almost complete. Bootstrapped from the beginning, significant financial investment has been made in recent years including the engagement of industrial product designers and those oh [...]

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Thinking ANZAC. Can New Zealand’s startup ecosystem adapt?

I’ve got a call to make today. A Queensland-based AgTech startup wanting to participate in the SVForum AgTech Conference next month. I’m more than happy to oblige. Let’s bring it on, I say. When I look at New Zealand’s relationship with Australia’s rapidly growing innovation ecosystem, I do so through a Silicon Valley pair of eyes. It’s a bit like [...]

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Adiba Barney and the Book about her Life Journey

In May last year, I was privileged to bring Adiba Barney, CEO of SVForum, over to New Zealand. We spent a fabulous week with Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, meeting entrepreneurs and investors across the country. I had first met Adiba back in 2014 when we caught up in a café on University Avenue in Palo Alto. [...]

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Join the SPH Plug and Play Accelerator Program in Singapore

Although much of the focus of this blog is around Wharf42’s direct engagement with Silicon Valley, there are exciting opportunities for startups in other key emerging global innovation hubs. For Kiwi startups, particularly those operating in the MediaTech space, who are looking to target the South East Asia market, Singapore is one seriously good option. Singapore’s potential to accelerate tech [...]

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The Plug and Play 2015 Startup Camp Fall Expo Report

On Thursday, Plug and Play hosted its 2015 Startup Camp Fall Expo. Wharf42 and the Meteoroid Program are based here. New Zealand Trade & Enterprise are setting up an office at the campus at the end of the month. It was great to have Jennifer Clamp, Innovation peep from ATEED join us for the day. Next year, we are working [...]

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Supporting the ‘Unofficial’ NZ Start-up Sector in the Valley

I have been thinking about this post for some time. Over the past few months, I have been speaking to a number of Kiwi tech start-ups interested in joining the Meteoroid Program. They represent a whole set of different domains and come from different parts of the country. A select few are joining the Program next week. Like most Programs, [...]

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Startup Weekend Tauranga – 100% Pure Awesomeness

If there were any doubts about the strength of Tauranga’s burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, the weekend’s Startup Weekend Tauranga will have zapped them. The weekend totally rocked. I have seen the hard yards put in by the event’s organising committee over the past few months: Tina, Pascale, Jo, Anna, Andrew, Ellyn, Elyse, Ben, Steve, Tim, Quentin and Saraniyaa. All legends. That [...]

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UPDATED: Tauranga Startup Weekend: 7-9 November

For those unfamiliar with the format, Startup Weekend works by delivering the opportunity to learn how to start a business and promoting entrepreneurship in local communities. This is an event that brings together developers, designers, marketers, product managers, startup enthusiasts and members of the community who can support them. Together they share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups - [...]

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Fewer US Startups – Lessons for NZ

One of the benefits of spending time offshore is the ability to map reality against perception. Whilst in the US this week, I have had one of those gotcha moments. I had thought that the number of startups in the US was increasing, particularly in the tech space. According to a piece in Friday’s Wall Street Journal however, the creation [...]

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NZ Start-ups get Budget Lift

On Thursday, I posted a blog with the title ‘Australia Abandons its Start-up Sector – Lessons to be learnt in New Zealand’. It followed the Abbott Government’s first budget since coming into office. I finished the article by saying that ‘later today, Bill English will be presenting his annual Budget to the New Zealand Parliament. I am not expecting anything [...]

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