At Wharf42, we are gearing up for what is one of Techweek 2017’s premier innovation events – Farming2020.

Farming2020 is being hosted at the LIC Innovation Farm, located just outside Hamilton and runs from Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th May. This three-day event includes an Exhibition Marquee, where some of New Zealand’s most innovative AgTech startups and emerging businesses will be demonstrating their tech. At external hubs in the main Farming2020 paddock, others will be demonstrating their technology ‘in the field’. LIC Innovation Farm is a commercial working farm and so this is a unique event to see real AgTech application working in a real, commercial farming environment.

Farming2020’s Presentation Theatre

At the on-site Hooper Innovation Centre, a series of presentations will be given by both exhibitors and invited speakers over the three days. These will be live-streamed across the Internet and saved for future use. Check out for the Presentation Schedule. We will be publishing this in mid-April.

For NZ AgTech startups who have a technology they want to demo, we are providing exhibition space in the main marquee at no cost. We understand what bootstrapping is all about. The total package we are offering, is designed to help promote and support New Zealand’s emerging AgTech ecosystem. Startups will be responsible for their own transport and accommodation costs. Our package includes:

  • The main exhibition marquee will provide a dedicated 3 x 3 metre exhibition space for your business. You will be responsible for the cost of building your exhibition presence within this designated space. The space will come with an electric point and wi-fi access. A table with black drapes and two chairs will also be provided.
  • Each exhibitor will have the opportunity to give a 15-minute presentation at the onsite Jack Hooper Centre. Each presentation will be live streamed and recorded for future use by presenters. It may be appropriate for you to use your presentation to talk about a new product or service that maps the overall theme of Farming2020
  • Your business will be featured on the website and its social media platforms
  • Exhibitors can provide relevant collateral to be placed in the media packs which will be distributed at the start of the Event
  • Exhibitors will be invited to a VIP reception, to be held on either the evening of Monday 8th May or Tuesday 9th May. Date TBC.

So how do you apply to exhibit? It’s simple. Go to and complete the Exhibitor Expressions of Interest Form. That’s it. We will get back to you within 48 hours of you submitting the Form.

For more details about Farming2020, go to event website at We look forward to hearing from you.