I’m delighted to be joining Toni Laming, CEO of Blinc Innovation & Grant Bennett, Lecturer in Microbiology and Food Safety at ARA Institute of Canterbury, for Wednesday’s Emerging Futures Summit webinar on Food.

Organised by New Zealand Education, the Emerging Futures Summit is a free online global workshop designed for young people to connect, collaborate and shape their future path. Over 1,200 students from around the world have signed up to join 6 panel discussions. Each discussion is addressing a key theme: Space; Social; Climate; Food; Design & Culture.

New Zealand Education

The Food panel discussion is taking place at 6.00pm (NZT) this coming Wednesday 10 October. You can access it at https://www.emergingfutures.co.nz/food/

The session comes as we begin the 2018 Agritech New Zealand roadshow. I will be joining the seminar shortly after we have completed our first event in Palmerston North. You can find out more about the roadshow and its timetable across the country at  https://agritechnz.org.nz/2018/09/18/agritech-new-zealand-2018-roadshow/

Emerging Futures is providing a platform to explain to a global audience of young people just how we are approaching some of the major food challenges facing the world in New Zealand. By talking about our history and our cultural values, we plan to stress the importance of land use and environment.

On Wednesday we want to enthuse the young people on the call to ensure that this generation understand the importance of these values as they tackle the longer term challenge of feeding 10 billion mouths by 2050. We’ll be talking about the environment, water, labour, climate change and some of the huge opportunities that these provide in the field of agritech: robotics, automation, sensors, big data & genetics. These are opportunities that we hope will attract these young people to connect and engage with the future of food.

It’s important. Did you know that the average age of farmers in New Zealand, Australia & the USA is close on 58. Who is going to feed the world in the future?

I’m grateful to New Zealand Education for giving me the opportunity to take part in this international initiative.