I am spending the next three days in Auckland.

When Wharf42 announced the launch of the Meteoroid Program earlier this month, one of the key aims was to set up conversations with a number of potential stakeholders. Over the next three days, I therefore have 16 meetings lined up. This includes two breakfast meetings, two lunch meetings and two dinners. My doctor will not be impressed.

Over the following weeks, I will be repeating the same exercise across the country. It’s fair to say then that the Meteoroid is on the road.

Watch out for the Meteoroid

Watch out for the Meteoroid

I am seeking to replicate the ‘Tauranga model’. What we have achieved in Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty region is an amazing network of collaborative ventures. WNT Ventures is just one example. I could add Basestation, the Venture Centre, the Instigator Program and the collection of co-working spaces now springing up across the city.

Meteoroid though is an NZ Inc initiative. Frankly, when you are in Palo Alto or Mountain View whether you are based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Gore does not matter a fig. The fact that you are from New Zealand is novel enough. Had Jupe at Plug and Play or Adiba from SVForum ever heard of Xero? Sorry guys, nope. We simply don’t register in the minds of most Valley folks.

So the road tour over the coming weeks is designed to put together a team of advisors and partners that represent cities and regions across the country. We are looking to identify the best startups and early stage ICT businesses that NEW ZEALAND has to offer and are at that point of development where establishing a presence in Silicon Valley is now a key element of their global growth strategy.

Over the next three days, I will be speaking and meeting with some of the key movers and shakers in the Auckland ICT scene. There is a lot of cool stuff happening in the City of Sails at present. I intend to explain how Meteoroid is a pathway to assist a lot of those exciting startup and early stage businesses scale the opportunities they have identified and take them to a bigger stage.

That’s also exciting. And a challenge. It’s what makes the next three days so important..

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