Welcome To Plug and Play

The Plug and Play Tech Center is Silicon Valley’s largest business incubator. Based in Sunnyvale, CA, it is home to over 350 international startups. It has been Wharf42’s home since we incorporated back in 2012.

Every year, the team at Plug and Play review over 4,000 startups, invest in over 100, and run several industry-specific accelerator programs. These include FinTech & Security, IOT, International, Startup Camp, Media & Mobile and Retail.

Plug and Play Ventures provides Seed and Series A funding alongside 180 leading Silicon Valley VC partners. The Fund also assists 300 corporate partners to license, pilot, and co-invest. Since 2009, over USD 2.4B has been raised by the Plug and Play startup community.

With more than 300 networking events per year, office space on demand, and corporate introductions, Plug and Play has created the ultimate startup ecosystem. Wharf42 is proud to be a Plug and Play International Partner.

The Plug and Play Ecosystem

Plug and Play’s Executives-in-Residence Program provides a platform for startups to interact with corporate executives, serial entrepreneurs, and angel investors.

These are people that have seen amazing successes in their career and know, just like we do, that investing in the generations of the future isn’t just important tomorrow, it’s vital for today too.

Plug and Play Ventures is a seed-and-early-stage investment firm focused on investing in emerging growth companies. The fund has invested in over 150 portfolio companies in the areas of Web 2.0, Software (SaaS), Social Networking, Social Media, Gaming, Enterprise, Cloud, and Telecom verticals.

The Fund participates in Seed, Angel and Series A funding where they often co-invest with their strategic partners. Through years of experience and as part of their network, the firm has put together a world-class group of serial entrepreneurs, strategic investors, and industry leaders who actively assist the firm with their successful and growing investment portfolio.

Plug and Play run 12-week Accelerator programs from their Sunnyvale complex. 25-30 startups in each vertical work on developing technologies that define their sector. Auckland-based StretchSense recently completed the 12 week IOT Program

From wearables to point-of-sales tools, the startups accepted into the platforms are collectively selected by the Plug and Play team, their corporate partners, and industry experts.

Plug and Play has built a significant Corporate Partner Program over the past two years.

Global corporations partner with Plug and Play to identify and potentially invest in some of the brightest startups in the Plug and Play community. This is a win-win for both startup and corporate. This also then becomes an exciting potential co-funding opportunity for the investment community. That’s a win-win-win.

The Plug and Play Statistics

350+ global startups 100
300+ events per year 100
USD 2.4B raised since 2009 100
300+ Global Corporate Partners 100

Wharf42 is proud to be a Plug and Play International Partner

To find out more, please contact Peter Wren-Hilton at peter@wharf42.co.nz