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Introducing Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley. That 40 mile strip of land between San Francisco to the north and the city of San Jose to the south.

In between, its land is home to global tech giants including Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco and HP, as well as thousands of emerging startups. Stanford University is at its heart. 40% of all US venture capital is invested here.

It’s this mix that makes Silicon Valley, the world’s leading innovation hub. Entrepreneurs from around the world have set up shop in the towns whose names have become synonymous with the Valley: Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino. More recently, global corporations have begun to establish Innovation and M&A centres across the region.

It explains Wharf42’s focus. We believe that Silicon Valley is a natural partner for New Zealand’s technology and innovation ecosystem. It’s our mission to build that bridge.

The Valley’s Key Benefits

Experienced mentors play a very important role in supporting early stage Kiwi tech entrepreneurs begin to understand the Silicon Valley landscape. Being big in Wellington or Auckland doesn’t really cut it in the Valley. Startups need to understand the region’s business culture and business networks to really take advantage of their growth potential.
  • Experienced mentors understand the valley culture
  • Experienced mentors are well connected and networked
  • Experienced mentors can make all the difference
Corporate partnerships provide the opportunity to undertake beta trials, attract investment and potentially identify exit opportunities.
One of the most significant developments in the Valley over the past 2 – 3 years has been the emergence of corporate innovation centres, M&A offices and corporate engagement with the incubator / accelerator network. Corporates know that disruptive technologies are most likely to emerge from agile startups. This provides early stage Kiwi tech companies with the opportunity to access potential global corporate partners like never before.
With 40% of all US venture capital based in Silicon Valley, quality deal flow is a constant mantre for the region’s investment ecosystem. Competition for funding is intense and so access to the appropriate funders is crucial.
In Silicon Valley there are many sources of funding: Angels, VCs, corporate venture and private equity.
Wharf42 works with its investor partners in the region to identify the best funding source for each investment opportunity we can offer.

Wharf42 provides access to Silicon Valley's vast innovation ecosystem

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