Techweek AKL 2016: The Secrets of Silicon Valley

It's exactly 12 months ago that Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures and Adiba Barney, CEO of SVForum visited New Zealand as guests of Wharf42. During the week, audiences in Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch & Auckland heard Bill & Adiba talk about different aspects of Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship & investing. During Techweek AKL 2016, which starts in earnest today, [...]

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Adding a Slice of Kiwi to Corporate Venture

In my New Year preview post, ‘What will Wharf42 be doing in 2016’, I spoke a little bit about our increasing focus on corporate venture in New Zealand. Feedback prompted a second post; ‘Corporate Venturing will be a feature in New Zealand in 2016’. Earlier this week, I spent a couple of days in Auckland speaking to one or two [...]

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The 2016 New Zealand Meets Silicon Valley Program

Last night, I caught up with Adiba Barney and Bill Reichert for dinner. It was great to reconnect. A key outcome of the evening was the discussion around some of the logistics necessary for Wharf42’s 2016 #NZgoesSV program supporting Kiwi tech start-ups looking to explore opportunities in Silicon Valley. The discussion was necessary. We are looking to bring upto 40 [...]

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Building Innovation Ecosystems through Sister City Relationships

Last night I joined Mayor Celia Wade Brown and a delegation from both Wellington and San Francisco for dinner. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss developing connections between Wellington and San Francisco with the purpose of progressing a sister city relationship. Last month, I was invited by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) to join a lunch [...]

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Spotlight on GridAKL

I have written previous posts about some of New Zealand’s emerging co-working spaces. In my home town of Tauranga, I have highlighted both Ignition and Basestation. In Christchurch, I have talked about the important role that EPIC is playing in the local innovation ecosystem as the city rebuilds. Today, I am looking at GridAKL and the increasingly important role it [...]

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Bill & Adiba: What did they really think

Over the past few days, I have posted several articles to this blog recounting some of the actual events that occurred during Bill Reichert  & Adiba Barney’s visit to New Zealand. You can view these here: Tauranga Wellington Christchurch Auckland Away from the crowds, we had a chance to digest much of what we saw and what we heard. Bill [...]

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