0.Ventures – A fresh approach to building revenue-focused Kiwi startups

Last night, I joined Dan Khan & Sam Bonney as they introduced their new initiative, ZeroPoint Ventures (0.Ventures), to a packed house at Basestation in Tauranga. 0.Ventures presentation to a packed house in Tauranga last night In short, 0.Ventures provides early-stage funding, evidence-based coaching, and a clear pathway for software entrepreneurs to build a $1MM+ revenue business within [...]

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Entrepreneurs Build Innovation Ecosystems. The Tauranga Model Revisited.

It’s hard to believe that it’s over two years since I first posted articles to this blog asking the simple question. Can Tauranga replicate Boulder? For those of you who might have missed them, you can view the original posts below. They are as relevant today as they were then. Can Tauranga Replicate Boulder? - Part 1 (Introduction) Can Tauranga [...]

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Tauranga Startup Weekend: 13-15 November 2015

One of the great things about being based in Silicon Valley is seeing all the amazing global start-ups that have chosen to call this place ‘home’. That’s at least how the local media see it. Time then to re-wind. Even though I am surrounded by over 350 tech start-ups and a highly motivated and energetic group of entrepreneurs here at [...]

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Spotlight on GridAKL

I have written previous posts about some of New Zealand’s emerging co-working spaces. In my home town of Tauranga, I have highlighted both Ignition and Basestation. In Christchurch, I have talked about the important role that EPIC is playing in the local innovation ecosystem as the city rebuilds. Today, I am looking at GridAKL and the increasingly important role it [...]

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Bill Reichert & Adiba Barney in Tauranga

Bill & Adiba arrived in Tauranga on Sunday morning. I know the Friday night flight out of SFO to NZ. Because of the date line, you miss out on Saturday totally. Half the weekend has gone. That sucks. However a quick walk around the base of the Mount and then lunch at Mills Reef Winery helped. The Welcome Cocktail party [...]

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WNT Ventures Relocates to Basestation

Wharf42 is delighted that WNT Ventures has relocated its offices to Basestation, Tauranga’s Information, Communication and Technology hub. We know the team at Basestation well. It was in their HQ that Wharf42 launched the Meteoroid Program at the end of January. It is here that many of Tauranga’s leading ICT entrepreneurs, including the Venture Centre initiative, are based. WNT Ventures [...]

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The Central North Island Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is Growing

The first few weeks of 2015 have seen a lot of Wharf42’s time spent on building out the Meteoroid Program. It’s perhaps time though to reflect on some of the context of this activity in terms of the growing central north island entrepreneurial ecosystem. Last year, a number of posts to this blog focused on the success achieved by securing [...]

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The Meteoroid is about to hit Auckland

I am spending the next three days in Auckland. When Wharf42 announced the launch of the Meteoroid Program earlier this month, one of the key aims was to set up conversations with a number of potential stakeholders. Over the next three days, I therefore have 16 meetings lined up. This includes two breakfast meetings, two lunch meetings and two dinners. [...]

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Startup Weekend Tauranga – 100% Pure Awesomeness

If there were any doubts about the strength of Tauranga’s burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, the weekend’s Startup Weekend Tauranga will have zapped them. The weekend totally rocked. I have seen the hard yards put in by the event’s organising committee over the past few months: Tina, Pascale, Jo, Anna, Andrew, Ellyn, Elyse, Ben, Steve, Tim, Quentin and Saraniyaa. All legends. That [...]

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Startup Weekend Tauranga: The pre-Party, The Agenda and More

It is now just two weeks until Startup Weekend Tauranga kicks off. I am really looking forward to joining the Judging panel on the Sunday evening at the Tauranga Art Gallery. Before then however, I am heading off to Silicon Valley to spend some time with Wharf42’s network on that side of the pond. This will therefore be my last [...]

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