Awesome innovation direct from the garage

Yesterday, I spent time with two very determined Kiwi entrepreneurs who have spent the past 20 years building a dream. What began as a small project has grown over time and their first prototype is almost complete. Bootstrapped from the beginning, significant financial investment has been made in recent years including the engagement of industrial product designers and those oh [...]

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Connecting Tauranga and the regions with the USA

On Friday, I had the pleasure of hosting the US Ambassador to New Zealand, Mark Gilbert, for lunch, in Tauranga. In the morning we had spoken about the upcoming SVForum AgTech Conference next month and the growing intersection between New Zealand’s tech and agriculture sectors. Over lunch, we met several business colleagues to talk about the rapidly growing innovation ecosystem [...]

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Entrepreneurs Build Innovation Ecosystems. The Tauranga Model Revisited.

It’s hard to believe that it’s over two years since I first posted articles to this blog asking the simple question. Can Tauranga replicate Boulder? For those of you who might have missed them, you can view the original posts below. They are as relevant today as they were then. Can Tauranga Replicate Boulder? - Part 1 (Introduction) Can Tauranga [...]

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WNT Ventures publishes its new portal

It’s great to see that the new WNT Ventures portal is now live. You can view it at www.wntventures.co.nz The launch comes towards the end of a fascinating first full year of operation. As a member of both the WNT Ventures General Partner Board and its Investment Committee, it has opened my eyes to some of the amazing research, IP [...]

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Welcome to the re-designed Wharf42 Website!

Over the past few weeks, we have been playing around with a new WordPress theme and some new online content. After 18 months of updating the old, it was time to start talking about the new. The re-design coincides with some pretty significant strategic announcements we are about to make. After launching the Meteoroid Program back in January, we quickly [...]

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WNT Ventures – Seeking an Analyst

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! WNT Ventures is the investor of choice for many researchers, CRI's, universities and privately owned organisations and corporations. We have a licence via our partnership with Callaghan Innovation to deploy investment capital into early stage technologies with the intention of developing them into globally successful companies. WNT Ventures is known for [...]

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Tauranga Startup Weekend: 13-15 November 2015

One of the great things about being based in Silicon Valley is seeing all the amazing global start-ups that have chosen to call this place ‘home’. That’s at least how the local media see it. Time then to re-wind. Even though I am surrounded by over 350 tech start-ups and a highly motivated and energetic group of entrepreneurs here at [...]

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2014 Highlights: WNT Ventures Transforms BOP Profile

Of all the Wharf42 highlights of the past year, the announcement by Steven Joyce, New Zealand ICT Minister, that WNT Ventures had been selected as one of Callaghan Innovation's three new Technology-focused incubators back in July, was a standout achievement. The selection was the result of six months intense collaboration with our fellow Bay of Plenty-based innovation partners, Newnham Park [...]

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2014 Highlights: Wharf42 Partners with Venture Centre

As we continue to focus on Wharf42's highlights of the year, we check out the partnership announcement we first posted back in June with Venture Centre and Plenty of Innovation . This announcement was a great illustration of just how far the Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty entrepreneurial ecosystem had developed over the previous eighteen months. Today, the Instigator [...]

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Looking for that MASSIVE Opportunity? WNT Ventures is Recruiting!

Applications close at 5.00pm on 30 November 2014 WNT Ventures is looking for an energetic professional with a strong science or engineering background who can build long term relationships with New Zealand Universities, Crown Research Institutes and other research organizations and identify and evaluate IP and novel technologies with commercial potential. WNT Ventures is one three new technology-focused incubators for [...]

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