Wharf42 – Our Review of 2015

As we approach the end of 2015, it’s time to reflect on a fascinating and energising 12 months. In some ways though, it is what I cannot say, that makes 2016 potentially the much more exciting of the two years. More of that to come in the ‘Our Preview of 2016’ post. Today, the focus is on the year just [...]

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Are Kiwis ready for Silicon Valley? And visa-versa

One of life’s greatest joys is meeting first-time Kiwis visiting the Valley. They bring an innocence and a modesty that is in short supply here. Big in New Plymouth, massive in Gore, they arrive at SFO with all the guile of Dick Whittington. Yep, those streets are paved with gold. TechCrunch says so. A month later, the reality has kicked [...]

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Wharf42’s Labor Day Update from Sunnyvale

It’s been almost 9 weeks since Jacqui and I landed in Silicon Valley. It’s been a busy two months. When we first arrived, our focus was on building up the Meteoroid Program and supporting early stage Kiwi tech companies begin their journey here. Our work with the International team at the Plug and Play Tech Center has made that mission [...]

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Letter from Sunnyvale

I am watching KRON4 News as I type this letter. I do this every morning. It reports on the latest shootings overnight and the current drive times around the Bay. Its Storm Tracker tells me that there will be no storm. There hasn’t been one for months. In International News, I learn that Princess Charlotte has been christened. That’s it. [...]

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Investing in Corporate Venture

Over the past twelve months, I suspect that a good 90% of my focus has been on building up Wharf42’s capabilities to support start-up tech companies in both New Zealand and Silicon Valley. In New Zealand, Callaghan Innovation’s announcement last July that WNT Ventures had been selected as one of three new tech-focused incubators consolidated an emerging collaboration between entrepreneurs [...]

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Wharf42 launches Wharf42 Consulting

When Wharf42 was launched in 2012, our core focus was on supporting early stage New Zealand tech companies connect with the Silicon Valley. It still is. The Meteoroid Program which was launched in January this year, is the first fully managed program that works alongside early stage Kiwi tech entrepreneurs in the Valley. When that first intake sets down at [...]

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Putting a ‘Z’ into the New Zealand Ztory

Over the past few weeks, I have split my time between organising Bill Reichert & Adiba Barney’s visit to New Zealand and counting down the days to the close of applications for the 2015 Meteoroid Program. Last week, I was in Wellington. This week, it’s Auckland. Next week, it’s Christchurch. (Don’t worry Tauranga; I’m coming back soon!) As part of [...]

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