Join the SPH Plug and Play Accelerator Program in Singapore

Although much of the focus of this blog is around Wharf42’s direct engagement with Silicon Valley, there are exciting opportunities for startups in other key emerging global innovation hubs. For Kiwi startups, particularly those operating in the MediaTech space, who are looking to target the South East Asia market, Singapore is one seriously good option. Singapore’s potential to accelerate tech [...]

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Adding a Slice of Kiwi to Corporate Venture

In my New Year preview post, ‘What will Wharf42 be doing in 2016’, I spoke a little bit about our increasing focus on corporate venture in New Zealand. Feedback prompted a second post; ‘Corporate Venturing will be a feature in New Zealand in 2016’. Earlier this week, I spent a couple of days in Auckland speaking to one or two [...]

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Leveraging our key Valley networks and Asia

In my blog post last week, ‘What will Wharf42 be doing in 2016?’, I talked a little bit about what I believe will be our key focus areas of activity for the next twelve months. One very specific area I mentioned was our engagement with potential partners in Asia. For an entity best known for its Silicon Valley roots, that [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving from New Zealand!

This is probably the shortest but certainly one of the ‘happiest’ posts this blog has ever published! The last time that Jacqui and I spent a Thanksgiving Holiday in the US saw us spend two very 'relaxing' nights at the Plaza Hotel & Spa in Monterey. We elected to have the Thanksgiving Day buffet dinner. Oh boy: I’m not sure [...]

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Welcome to the re-designed Wharf42 Website!

Over the past few weeks, we have been playing around with a new WordPress theme and some new online content. After 18 months of updating the old, it was time to start talking about the new. The re-design coincides with some pretty significant strategic announcements we are about to make. After launching the Meteoroid Program back in January, we quickly [...]

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The Plug and Play 2015 Startup Camp Fall Expo Report

On Thursday, Plug and Play hosted its 2015 Startup Camp Fall Expo. Wharf42 and the Meteoroid Program are based here. New Zealand Trade & Enterprise are setting up an office at the campus at the end of the month. It was great to have Jennifer Clamp, Innovation peep from ATEED join us for the day. Next year, we are working [...]

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Are Kiwis ready for Silicon Valley? And visa-versa

One of life’s greatest joys is meeting first-time Kiwis visiting the Valley. They bring an innocence and a modesty that is in short supply here. Big in New Plymouth, massive in Gore, they arrive at SFO with all the guile of Dick Whittington. Yep, those streets are paved with gold. TechCrunch says so. A month later, the reality has kicked [...]

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Wharf42’s Labor Day Update from Sunnyvale

It’s been almost 9 weeks since Jacqui and I landed in Silicon Valley. It’s been a busy two months. When we first arrived, our focus was on building up the Meteoroid Program and supporting early stage Kiwi tech companies begin their journey here. Our work with the International team at the Plug and Play Tech Center has made that mission [...]

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Wharf42 Partners with the FinTech Revolution

Wharf42 is delighted to be a Partner for the upcoming SVForum Conference: ‘The FinTech Revolution: Banking on the Future’. The event is being hosted at GSVlabs, 425 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063 on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Advances in technology are having a vast impact on financial markets, with disruption occurring everywhere you look. Alternate financing and innovations in payment systems [...]

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Supporting Winternz 2015

Last week, I had a great conversation with Nuwanthie Samarakone, founder of ICE Professionals. Nuwanthie has linked up with Valley-based Craig Elliot to promote Craig’s fantastic initiative, Winternz. Winternz has been created to allow exceptional Kiwi undergraduate and graduate talent to experience Silicon Valley for 3 – 12 months. Winternz is not just targeting New Zealand geeks. The program is [...]

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