Venture Centre is growing Tauranga’s innovation ecosystem outreach

Last week, Tauranga hosted its inaugural innovation festival, Groundswell. Over seven days, a number of truly inspiring events were held across the city, featuring many of the Bay of Plenty’s leading entrepreneurs and emerging tech businesses, enabling us to celebrate their outstanding achievements. Last night, I joined a large crowd at Tauranga’s Art Gallery to enjoy the festival’s final showcase; [...]

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Innovation at Fieldays 2015 – And a lesson to be learnt

I spent yesterday visiting the Innovation Hub at Fieldays 2015. The timing was perfect. Today, I have a WNT Ventures Investment Committee meeting and AgTech is high on the agenda. First of all some background: Fieldays is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agricultural event, providing a unique opportunity to showcase New Zealand’s agriculture, agribusiness and agtech. 120,000 visitors are expected to [...]

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The Central North Island Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is Growing

The first few weeks of 2015 have seen a lot of Wharf42’s time spent on building out the Meteoroid Program. It’s perhaps time though to reflect on some of the context of this activity in terms of the growing central north island entrepreneurial ecosystem. Last year, a number of posts to this blog focused on the success achieved by securing [...]

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Wharf42 Partners with Tuia Innovation

Tuia Innovation is a group of specialist commercial advisors with a focus on assisting Maori to extract better returns from their assets and the opportunities available to them through science and technology-driven innovation. Wharf42’s partners in Tuia Innovation include The Tuia Group, SODA Inc, the Federation of Maori Authorities, WNT Ventures, LIFTOFF and SVX. The Meteoroid Program provides Tuia Innovation [...]

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Auckland’s time has come

Over the past few weeks, I have invested quite a bit of time engaging with individuals and entities in different New Zealand regions. In the Waikato, it’s fair to say that we have gone the whole hog. Wharf42 has established a formal presence at the Waikato Innovation Park via their Work Spaces resource. Later this month, I will be spending [...]

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Transforming New Zealand’s Incubator Space

I have been thinking about this post for some time. A combination of context, history and timing have all conspired against my penning it. Monday’s advertisement for the WNT Ventures Incubator Manager’s vacancy however has cleared the fog. The advertisement, backed by Callaghan Innovation’s appointment of WNT Ventures as one of just three tech-focused incubators, marks a new beginning for [...]

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