Let’s leverage New Zealand’s ‘hobbits and food’ reputation

At the recent launch of NZTech's 'Digital Nation New Zealand: From Tech Sector to Digital Nation’ report, Steven Joyce, New Zealand Economic Development Minister, said that in his view, Asian investors viewed NZ as "hobbits and food". He went on to say that more had to be done to tell the country's technology stories overseas. It was an interesting observation. [...]

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Why Xero is important for the New Zealand technology sector

Xero is, for many, the poster child of the New Zealand ICT sector. I have watched it grow from its very early days. Whilst Rod Drury led the team in New Zealand, co-founder Hamish Edwards was selling the Xero story to accountants in the UK. Its growth has been prodigious. Ever since its inception, Xero has been at the forefront [...]

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Understanding Wellington’s Knowledge Economy

I like Wellington. I enjoy ordering cappuccino at Pravda, having lunch at Dockside and joining friends for after-work drinks at the General Practitioner. It’s all a bit of a routine really. But fun. Routine is something that Wellingtonians know a lot about. It is the home of Government. Whatever happens on Saturday September 20th (the New Zealand General Election), thousands [...]

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Fewer US Startups – Lessons for NZ

One of the benefits of spending time offshore is the ability to map reality against perception. Whilst in the US this week, I have had one of those gotcha moments. I had thought that the number of startups in the US was increasing, particularly in the tech space. According to a piece in Friday’s Wall Street Journal however, the creation [...]

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A Letter from Las Vegas

Jacqui and I arrived in Vegas two days ago. On the surface, nothing about this place is real. It’s all about opportunity, energy and 24/7. The casinos are full of people with hope. Most end up losing money. In many respects, it has all the attributes of investing in and running a start-up. You get through one day and prepare [...]

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Introducing the UKTI Global Entrepreneur Program

UK Trade & Investment’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) helps overseas entrepreneurs and early stage technology businesses or start-ups that want to relocate their business to the UK. The programme has so far helped to: relocate 340 businesses to the UK raise over £1 billion of private investment for companies I engaged with GEP in 2007 and am now an alumni [...]

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Love Niche – Silicon Valley’s Best Friend

Over the past few days, tech stocks have been tanking across the globe. My post yesterday talked about the so-called emerging dot.com bubble. I said it would only really affect listed stocks. My view has not changed. My post went on to point out some of the significant changes that have fundamentally changed market dynamics since the last real crash [...]

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