I’m delighted to be able to finally talk about what is shaping up to be a premier New Zealand Agritech event in 2018. It’s the first headline event for Techweek’18 to be announced and tickets are now on sale. More details about 10 Billion Mouths can be viewed at the event web page at https://techweek.co.nz/whats-on/2018/10-billion-mouths-39/.

10 Billion Mouths will showcase some of the world-leading agritech solutions that are being developed in New Zealand to the public, international guests and industry thought-leaders on 23 May 2018.

Created by Techweek’18 in partnership with Wharf42 and with support from principle sponsor Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley, this one-day event will see an expected 500 people head to the Bay of Plenty to learn about how New Zealand’s reputation for producing fine food is being built upon with the development of high-tech solutions to feeding the world sustainably.

Robotics Plus: Learn more about their vision at ’10 Billion Mouths’

The day will comprise of a series of panel discussions, inspiring keynote speeches and thought-provoking case studies, covering topics of crucial importance at a time when populations are exploding, labour costs are rising and climates are increasingly unpredictable. Keynote session AgriTech Around the World will outline some of these issues, while introducing some of the ways New Zealand is responding to the challenges of a predicted global population of 10 billion by 2050.

The 2016 launch of government-funded Tauranga horticultural regional research institute PlantTech cemented the Bay of Plenty region as New Zealand’s primary horticultural laboratory, where white lab coats are swapped for in-field robotics, drones and sensors. Many Minds, Light Work will shed light on the region’s unique collaborative spirit and reputation for innovation in the agritech space in a panel discussion format. In a similar vein, The Power of Place will explore the benefits (and urgency) of sophisticated traceability technologies at a time where fraudulent produce and consumer curiosity about product origins are peaking.

Looking further ahead, Dinner in 2050 will explore the possibilities of food in the near- and far-future, from animal protein substitutes to robotic farming, prefaced by an industry case study presented by Tauranga agtech company, RoboticsPlus. A showcase of agritech start-ups, a series of breakout sessions and industry networking drinks will provide further opportunity for thought-provoking discussion.

Techweek and Wharf42 are delighted to announce the support of Silicon Valley-based Yamaha Motor Ventures as principle sponsor of 10 Billion Mouths. Yamaha has a long history of innovation within the spaces of agriculture and horticulture, making them a natural fit for this event. Wharf42 will be leveraging its own Silicon Valley networks to attract key Bay area innovators and investors to attend the event.

To celebrate today’s formal announcement of this awesome one-day conference, Techweek’18 are offering an early bird ticket price of just $245, plus GST. This includes access to the main plenary conference, a choice of thought-provoking breakout sessions, catering throughout the day and the after-conference networking reception. You can book your early bird tickets here. https://techweek.co.nz/whats-on/2018/10-billion-mouths-39/

I’d be quick. This is sure to sell out fast.

To provide a taste of the collaboration you can expect to see at 10 Billion Mouths, Techweek’18 sent a film crew to shoot this short video in the Bay of Plenty last week. It’s this message that we will be sharing with our global partners. New Zealand’s agritech is #GoodForTheWorld.


Over the coming weeks, Techweek’18 and Wharf42 will be announcing an incredible line-up of New Zealand and international speakers who will be participating at the event.

We look forward to seeing you in Tauranga on Wednesday 23 May 2018.