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Wharf42 Consulting was established in March 2015. The focus of the Consulting Group is to work with New Zealand’s largest companies to help connect them to Silicon Valley’s vast innovation ecosystem.

Corporates have different requirements to New Zealand’s start-up and early stage tech sector. With capital resource and established governance practices in place, these companies are, in the main, following traditional business models. That is their strength. It is also potentially their greatest weakness.

Today, Fortune 500 companies are reaching out to Silicon Valley and the wider innovation ecosystem. They are aware that changes in technology are potentially highly, somtimes lethally, disruptive. Being based 10,000 kms away from this major disruptive source in New Zealand is no protection from it. That is why Wharf42 Consulting was established.

Wharf42 Consulting Services

With offices in Tauranga, NZ and Sunnyvale, CA, we work with our Silicon Valley partners to identify emerging innovation & technology trends which might impact on our corporate client’s business. FinTech, HealthTech & AgTech are just some of the sectors we focus on.

Why Choose Us

      • Established reputation in Silicon Valley as being a key bridge to New Zealand business
      • Major global partnerships with Plug and Play Tech Center & SVForum
      • Significant access to experienced Valley mentors, potential business partners and investors
      • Prominent position in the New Zealand tech space as a co-founder of leading Callaghan Innovation-supported, tech-focused incubator, WNT Ventures
      • An established presence in both New Zealand and Silicon Valley to actively support client projects on the ground

What Partner’s Say

“We are delighted to partner with Wharf42 to provide mentorship and funding as well as introductions to Plug and Play’s global community of corporate partners and investors”.
Jupe Tan, VP International Relations, Plug and Play Tech Center
“Wharf42 is a great Ambassador for the New Zealand technology & innovation sector. As a Global Outreach Partner for SVForum, they understand the Silicon Valley ecosystem and how best to leverage its many facets.”
Adiba Barney, President & CEO, SVForum

Wharf42 provides access to Silicon Valley's vast innovation ecosystem

We customise our service to meet your enterprise business needs.
To find out more, please contact Peter Wren-Hilton at peter@wharf42.co.nz