About Wharf42

Wharf42 was established in 2012 to support early stage Kiwi tech companies connect with Silicon Valley’s vast innovation ecosystem.

In January 2015, we launched the Meteoroid Program. Today, this Program is supporting early stage companies engage with Silicon Valley’s mentor, corporate partner and investor networks. To support this program, we are both a Plug and Play International Partner and a Global Outreach Partner for SVForum. Supporting our commitment to actively increase diversity in tech, we are also represented on the C-Suite Screening Committee of Astia, the largest women founders network in the US.

In New Zealand, Wharf42 is a co-founder of WNT Ventures, the Bay of Plenty-based tech-focused incubator supported by Callaghan Innovation. Through WNT, we actively support the commercialisation of complex IP from New Zealand’s Universities and Crown Research Institutes.

Over the past three years, our core focus tech domain has been AgriTech. We witnessed, at first-hand, the rapid growth of this sector whilst based in the Valley. Believing that this is a domain in which New Zealand should be a global thought leader, we have initiated a number of programs and events to support the growth of the country’s wider AgriTech ecosystem. It remains our core focus.

Why Wharf42?

To leverage our extensive Silicon Valley networks to enable early stage Kiwi tech entrepreneurs connect with Silicon Valley’s vast innovation ecosystem.
Wharf42 works with a number of angel network and VC funds in Silicon Valley. We can introduce New Zealand-based investors looking for Valley-based investors to co-fund at Seed stage or participate in future Series A or Series B capital raising rounds.
Corporates are increasingly aware that most disruption to their existing business models and operations will come from emerging startup businesses. Wharf42 supports New Zealand corporates by providing knowledge of, and access to, the key emerging innovation trends and players coming out of Silicon Valley.
Wharf42 is happy to demonstrate its project delivery record with both potential partners and new clients.

What we do

Promote the establishment of a New Zealand AgriTech Cluster

Working with key stakeholders; industry, government, research institutes & investors to make this happen

Connecting the New Zealand AgriTech sector to global markets

Wharf42 leverages its global partnerships to enable New Zealand’s AgriTech sector to scale

Wharf42 provides access to Silicon Valley's vast innovation ecosystem

We customise our services to meet your specific business needs. To find out more, please contact Peter Wren-Hilton at peter@wharf42.co.nz