This perhaps sounds a bit like self-promotion but hey. I am just delighted to have been invited to guest speak at this year’s University of Waikato Alumni Event. It takes place on 5 April.

I spent Monday morning going through the event program with Meshweyla Macdonald, Executive Director and Aimee Burness, Leader Development and Administration, at the University of Waikato Management School’s new offices in Hamilton. It was a fun session.

The principal focus of my presentation will be on the significant impact of digital technologies such as robotics, drones, sensors and big data on the future of AgTech with specific reference to some of the amazing research & development currently being undertaken in New Zealand. However the presentation will be in the context of just how disruption is affecting many of our traditional industries. That disruption is not always technology driven. It can often occur through rapidly changing markets and/or evolving business processes.

The one thing that any MBA student or graduate will / should understand is that some of the most dangerous words in business today are: ‘We have always done it this way’. My presentation will I hope go some way to diss that view. Disruption is here, it’s becoming more pervasive and it’s going nowhere any time soon.

We filmed the short teaser video below in the foyer of the University’s new Management School Building.

Given that the event is being held just two weeks before the 2016 SVForum AgTech Conference in Silicon Valley, expect some last minute breaking news from me on that. I particularly look forward to talking about just how some awesome Ag-related businesses in the Waikato / Bay of Plenty regions will be reaching out to key executives of leading US food producers, innovators, investors and other thought leaders across the pond. It’s great to have the opportunity.

On 5 April, I will be talking for about 30-35 minutes, with a further 10-15 minute Q&A. The event is open to University of Waikato Management School Alumni and members of the public. If you would like to attend, Aimee Burness is the ‘Go To’ person. You can contact Aimee via email at

We hope to see you there.