I’m delighted to announce that SVForum has published the agenda for the 2016 SVForum AgTech Conference. The Conference takes place in Silicon Valley on Thursday 21 April.

Sponsored by Callaghan Innovation and co-organised with Wharf42, the Conference Agenda features a strong New Zealand selection of case studies, keynote speakers and panellists. Over the coming weeks, we will be able to confirm the identity of all the Kiwi AgTech companies and individuals who will be taking to the stage. The Conference promises to deliver New Zealand’s biggest ever AgTech presence in North America.

Salinas Valley - The Salad Bowl of America

Salinas Valley – The Salad Bowl of America

Coinciding with the Conference is a three-day AgTech Immersion Program which will take place immediately prior. Running from Monday 18 April – Wednesday 20 April, the Immersion Program will take participants to 12 site visits and presentations in San Francisco, the Napa Valley / Sonoma and the Salinas Valley. It is designed to provide participants with a deep insight into the wider Bay areas extensive AgTech ecosystems. There will be the opportunity to meet and network with some of the sector’s key players. It’s an opportunity that should not be missed.

You can view the details of both the Immersion Program and the Conference here.

The Conference is one of SVForum’s highlights of 2016. It is attracting interest from key executives from some of the US’s largest food producers, Ag sector innovators, investors and thought leaders seeking to transform the global AgTech space. Over the coming weeks, we will identify some of the key attendees so that New Zealand participants can begin to prepare to meet, engage and network.

If you are a New Zealand Ag-related business and want more information about how to participate, these are the three key immediate contacts:

Wharf42: Peter Wren-Hilton at peter@wharf42.co.nz

Callaghan Innovation: Andrew Dawson at Andrew.Dawson@callaghaninnovation.govt.nz

NZTE: James Wilde at james.wilde@nzte.govt.nz

SVForum: Klaus Wehage at Klaus@svforum.org

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