Wharf42 is pleased to announce that it has partnered with VentureCentre and Plenty of Innovation to support the early stage startup training programme; Instigator.

VentureCentre is an organisation newly created in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. Its goal is to connect the people, places, tools, resources, knowledge and support needed for sustainable success. It is the start of a project that sits at the intersection of supply, demand, private enterprise and life-long learning.

Plenty of Innovation is an arm of Enterprise Angels, formed  to encourage and prepare more local entrepreneurs to take advantage of the investment funds available in the Bay of Plenty region.

The team behind VentureCentre - c/o Sunlive

The team behind VentureCentre – c/o Sunlive

So what is Instigator all about?

Getting started on your enterprising journey…

When you’ve got an exciting idea its often easy to think of all the ways it could help people, but hard to know how to start making it real.

How do you work out if it’s worth you (and others) investing time and money on your great entrepreneurial adventure? Who is going to buy and benefit from it? When? How?

Instigator delivers a 5 week individually tailored experience to find the answers to these questions for yourself, for your current idea and those you come up with in the future.

Instigator will help you:

·         explore your idea in a format which moves it forward

·         be sure your idea solves a real problem

·         articulate your idea so its value is recognised

·         demonstrate how your idea works

.         design a prototype for testing

·         introduce you to local mentoring, investment, incubation, acceleration, & service companies who can help you on your personal journey.

Over the past few months, Wharf42 has met many aspiring entrepreneurs keen to learn more about what it takes to build a sustainable startup enterprise.

a collaboration between Wharf42, VentureCentre and Plenty of Innovation

a collaboration between Wharf42, VentureCentre and Plenty of Innovation

We believe that this initiative, connecting Wharf42 with VentureCentre and Enterprise Angels is a hugely cost effective way to start that journey.

For more information TODAY call 0800 663 472 or email instigator@venturecentre.co.nz

You can follow Wharf42 on Twitter at @Wharf42HQ