The Annual Marketing to the Rural Sector Conference is an established fixture for marketing professionals that work in the rural sector. 2020 brought many challenges for farmers and growers and those that sell and market to them, with the pandemic disrupting many of the traditional marketing channels and sales mechanisms that businesses rely on.

The conference provides an opportunity to understand how both the agricultural sector and those that supply them have adapted to the situation, and to review the impacts this has had.

Closed borders through 2020 and today, saw Wharf42 become completely focused on our global networks as we realised that connecting with customers and supply chains offshore was going to be an even greater challenge. On Thursday 18th, I’ll be sharing some of that story and the lessons learnt when I speak about the impact of NZ Digital Transformation and Opportunities for Marketers.

The conference will also provide an opportunity to better understand the innovations in agricultural practice, the consumer trends and regulatory drivers that are shaping modern farming in New Zealand. It will also allow marketers to learn how they can better support farmers and growers in a changing environment and develop their professional marketing skills to achieve success for their businesses.

Why attend:

  • Get an overview of the rural sector, understand how it is coping under challenging conditions, and explore how it is responding to a range of global and local factors, and what this means for suppliers
  • Share the experiences of leading marketers in the NZ rural sector
  • Hone your professional marketing skills and knowledge: sales, branding, content marketing, experiential and conversational marketing, digital marketing and social media
  • Hear directly from farmers and growers themselves, to understand what is on their minds and learn how you can better meet their needs

You can learn more about the Conference at their website here:

If you plan to attend, I look forward to meeting you then.