Leveraging Global Networks

Building Strategic Partnerships

Supporting Offshore Missions

Gaining Valuable Insights


When Wharf42 was established back in 2012, Jacqui and I were working in Silicon Valley.

Over the years, we have lived and worked in the UK, the US, India and of course New Zealand. Thinking globally is part of our core DNA.

Closed borders have not dulled that ambition. To the contrary, closed borders mean that it’s more important than ever for New Zealand’s agritech sector to reach out to international markets to make it clear that we are still ‘open for business’.

It reflects Wharf42’s recent ‘pivot’.

With our success, relative to most of the rest of the world at addressing the Covid-19 pandemic from a health perspective, New Zealand is in a unique position going forward. The recent launch of the  Agritech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) has attracted interest from a number of different countries. Via our Inboxes, we have received inquiries asking how industry and government have successfully collaborated to deliver a solid Plan that has identified a number of strategic long-term goals for the agritech sector.

Wharf42 is looking to leverage this interest. We have a strong global network of partners and friends who are keen to engage. It requires some new thinking. Our new programme, Wharf42 Insights, is designed to provide New Zealand agritech businesses with details of changing offshore market dynamics as well as helping build in-house capability.

It’s important to realise that when borders are opened up again that in-market landscapes will have changed. Understanding who your customer is, will never have been more important. Whether that’s a B2B customer, distributor or consumer, their world is a very different place than pre-COVID. Building capability to address this will be a critical component for businesses looking to engage offshore.

Wharf42 has the global ambition. Leveraging our Insights is the model for delivering it.