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 When Wharf42 was established back in 2012, Jacqui and I were working in Silicon Valley.

Over the years, we have lived and worked in the UK, the US, India and of course New Zealand. Thinking globally is part of our core DNA.

When we look at climate change and the significant contribution that the agrifood sector has made to it, leveraging those global networks is a key motivation for us. Never has the world faced such a significant existential threat. Reducing greenhouse gases is therefore a core Wharf42 focus.

We also understand the flip side of the coin. Whilst traditional agriculture production and food processing processes have contributed to increased greenhouse gas emissions, they are also seriously adversly impacted by it. More extreme weather events are challenging farmers and growers to produce more nutritious and affordable food. As the world population increases to an expected 9.6 billion by 2050, food production needs to increase by 40% to meet those needs, unless we can offset this against reduced waste.

It’s therefore a two edged sword. Wharf42 is working closely with global agribusinesses, agritech staratups, major investors, agri and environmental researchers as well as farmer and grower organisations to identify best practice to address these challenges.

The GroundUp.earth inititiave is one of the key ways that Wharf42 intends to deliver its Global Ambition.

We hope you can join us on this journey.