A massive sigh of relief!

It is great that after months of planning, we are finally able to introduce GroundUp.Earth, the problem solving platform for Farming and the Food Industry. The news actually slipped out 30 minutes ago during our COP26 AgriFoodTech Climate Summit webinar. We will be publishing the recorded version of this webinar on our Videos page within the next 24 hours.

During the call, I was able to confirm that the AgriFoodTech Climate Summit in Glasgow in November is not a destination; it’s a milestone. In the next few weeks, we plan, in conjunction with our UK-based partners, ForwardFood.Tech, to launch a global crowd-sourcing platform that will enable researchers, agribusinesses, agritech startups, governments and investors to collectively address and collaborate on solutions designed to combat climate change.

We are currently designing the back-end platform that will drive the initiative. Over the coming weeks, I will be providing insights into just how this development is progressing and increasingly, how you can engage. For the immediate term, we have added a 2 minute Typeform landing page at www.groundup.earth where you can register your interest. Please do so now.

This is, without doubt, the most significant and impact work that Wharf42 has ever undertaken. The global agrifood sector’s contribution to harmful greenhouse gases is immense. So on the flip-side, is the need for the agrifood sector to produce more nutritious, affordable food to feed an ever-increasing global population.

The GroundUp.Earth platform is being designed to help meet both these challenges.

I very much hope you can join us on this journey.