On Thursday, I was joined by Dr. Victoria Hatton, COP26 Pacific Climate Change Advisor and Rob Ward, co-founder & CEO of UK-based ForwardFood.Tech as we announced the launch of the GroundUp.earth platform. CREDIT: Screen grab above taken by Victoria at Eden Park, Auckland, during the webinar. It’s the closest I will ever get to the playing surface!

GroundUp.earth is being designed to enable agribusinesses, agritech startups, researchers, governments and investors to collaborate globally to address some of the key climate and sustainability challenges facing farmers and growers today….and tomorrow.

If you or your organisation are working in the agrifood tech space and want to engage with partners around the world, then you can register your interest today, free of charge, at our landing page at www.groundup.earth.

To learn more about the platform and its potential impact on climate change, we strongly urge you to view the webinar below. And please…. register your interest!