Over the past few weeks, I’ve been delighted to work with GlobalHQ and some of their great brands to help spread New Zealand’s Agritech Story.

A couple of weeks back, Jacqui and I met up with Dean Williamson and members of the team in Fielding. Since then, we’ve helped produce editorial content for;

For us, it’s hugely important that New Zealand’s food producers; farmers, growers and orchardists, get a better understanding of just how emerging agricultural technologies can help increase productivity, improve profitability and ensure long-term sustainability.

As a trusted brand and a voice that food producers can relate to, GlobalHQ has an important role to play.

COVID-19 has demonstrated once again just how important New Zealand agriculture is to the country’s economy. During lockdown, our dairy, our beef & lamb and our numerous horticultural players continued to produce premium product and secure significant export earnings. To those who have questioned the future of New Zealand ag, there but for the grace of god etc. etc.

Despite its terrible human toll, the global pandemic is today creating new opportunities for New Zealand’s agritech sector. In conversations I am having with global partners, issues around food supply and food security are becoming more significant priorities for governments around the world. It’s an opportunity that New Zealand agritech is well placed to serve.

Getting that Story told beyond our closed borders is incredibly important. It’s also important that we share that Story with our producers at home. GlobalHQ is doing just that.

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