The imminent establishment of the Agrifood Tech Singapore Association provides an exciting opportunity for triangular collaboration between New Zealand, Australia and Singapore’s agrifood / agritech sectors. Wharf42 is delighted to be a key advisor on the Association’s Establishment Working Group.

Whilst New Zealand and Australia are both major exporters of premium food produce, the inverse is true in Singapore. Only 10% of food is produced domestically. 90% is imported. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how vulnerable this has made Singapore. The focus now is on accelerating last year’s 30:30 initiative (increasing domestic food prduction to 30% by 2030).

The creation of the AgriFood Tech Singapore Association has the potential to provide significant input into this initiative. It will look at how vertical farming, aquaculture farming and the development of new alternative proteins can assist. For New Zealand and Australian agrifood / agritech businesses already working in this space, the opportunities are significant.

The establishment of the AgriFood Tech Singapore Association is just a first step. During 2021, we will be looking to expand the organisation’s coverage to include more countries in the wider ASEAN region.

For Wharf42, our engagement in this process is important. We look forward to working with Agritech New Zealand, the Australian Agritech Association and our friends and colleagues in Singapore to help make this happen. Expanding our interest beyond the immediate trans-Tasman region is part of our long term vision to assist create impact across the Asia Pacific.