I’m delighted to have been invited by Ireland’s All Business Post Group to take part in their Agritech Global Leaders Forum. It forms part of a new programme being developed called the SEED Summit.

It’s a virtual event and takes place next Thursday – 8 July.

The SEED Summit series of agritech events is the first time these events have been curated in such a format. The Global Leaders Forum session looks at the visionary and potential disruptive developments in agritech as the sector revolutionises agricultural and food output. I’m delighted to be sharing the platform with Hadar Sutovsky, Vice President External Innovation, ICL Group, Israel and Theo Kanellos, Director Business Development and Allliances, Zoetis International.

The Summit organisers’ recognise New Zealand as being a global leader in agritech ecosystem development. As national agritech ecosystems begin to form across the world, including the nascent Agritech Ireland, creating a global network of connected entrepreneurs, investors and corporates becomes more important.

New Zealand’s presence and input at the Summit is enhanced by Brendan O’Connell, CEO of AgritechNZ, who will be talking about agricultural innovations that solve real problems. Brendan will be joined by Cathal Fitzgerald, Senior Investment Director Food and Agriculture, Ireland Strategic Investment Fund. Cathal visited New Zealand back in June 2018 as part of a Farm2050 delegation and attended the launch of AgritechNZ at Mills Reef Winery in Tauranga. It’s great to see that linkage continuing!

Next Thursday’s event is expected to attract leading CEOs of Irish and international agribusinesses, policy influencers in Europe and key global institutions, as well as the leading academics leading the advancement of research in the sector. The All Business Post Group has a solid reputation for curating a number of Ireland’s leading conferences and events.

To register for next week’s Global Leaders Forum, visit www.sat3summit.com