Wharf42 & Western Growers Deliver the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit

Wharf42 & Western Growers Deliver the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit

Wharf42 and our partners, Western Growers, were delighted to deliver a highly successful 2024 Salinas Biological Summit.

The event surpassed our own expectations with really positive feedback. The program was content-rich and the networking opportunities enabled delegates to meet and engage throughout the two-day event. We were able to announce at the close of the Summit that we will be hosting the 2025 version in Davis.

To learn more about the Summit and view videos of the Program sessions, please visit www.salinas-summit.com 

Meet these highly innovative California Growers

Meet these highly innovative California Growers

Over the past 10 years, I’ve attended numerous AgriFoodTech conferences where the one key stakeholder group missing has been the most important: The Producers. The Farmers. The Growers.
At next month’s 2024 Salinas Biological Summit, that’s all changed. Growers are at the centre of the conversation which will be reflected by the large number in the room. The Summit will provide delegates with an opportunity to engage with some of the most innovative production players in the world. Nowhere will this be more apparent than during the major Grower Panel session on Day 1.

The Grower Panel Discussion

  • Joe Pezzini
    Senior Director of Ag Operations, Taylor Farms
  • Michael Seagraves
    Director, Global Plant Health, Driscolls
  • Kevin Andrew
    Senior Vice President Operations, Illume
  • Dr. Hillary Thomas
    Research & Technical Director, Naturipe Berry Growers
  • Don Cameron
    Vice President and General Manager, Terranova Ranch

Moderated by Dennis Donohue
Director, Western Growers Innovation & Technology Center

This experienced line-up of key players will discuss some of the most significant challenges and emerging solutions facing growers today. For agtech companies, researchers and investors looking to meet and listen to the real challenges facing those ‘in the field’, next month’s Summit provides a unique platform to engage and learn.

We hope you can join them. Learn more at www.salinas-summit.com

View the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit Program

View the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit Program

With just 6 weeks to go, I’m delighted to share details of the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit Program.

On 25-26 June, we have 42 confirmed speakers & international experts who will be sharing their insights into the opportunities and challenges facing growers in the ag input space. As regulators and consumers around the world are saying ‘less chemicals, more biologicals’, next month’s Summit Program has been designed to give stakeholders a real understanding of the current biologicals landscape. Including what works and what doesn’t.

The Summit will look at what’s happened since last year’s event and what to expect in the next 12 months. For Agtech companies, researchers, investors and policy-makers engaged in agricultural inputs, there will be no better opportunity to meet and engage with those growers working on the front line.

You can view the Program at Program | Wharf42 Limited (salinas-summit.com)

Have You Secured Your 2024 Salinas Biological Summit Tickets?

Have You Secured Your 2024 Salinas Biological Summit Tickets?

Where has the year gone? Dennis from Western Growers and Jacqui & I are now saying quietly to ourselves: ‘The 2024 Salinas Biological Summit takes place next month’. Gulp! We are, in short, at the business end of the organisation and planning for this year’s event.

Over the past few weeks, we have locked in more epic speakers and secured the support of a number of awesome new Summit Sponsors and Exhibitors. We are indebted to everyone who is supporting and promoting this year’s event.

Following 2023’s inaugural sold-out Summit, I can also confirm that ticket sales are well ahead of last year. It’s a reflection I hope on the quality of the Program we are developing as well as the increasing significance that ag biologicals are playing in the global ag input, regulatory and consumer space.

To secure your Summit ticket today and get to meet and engage with the wide range of stakeholders attending next month’s event, please click 2024 Salinas Biological Summit | Humanitix

Guy Kawasaki to keynote at the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit

Guy Kawasaki to keynote at the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit

Accelerating innovation into the agriculture sector is crucial if farmers and growers are to continue to provide nutritious, affordable food for an ever-increasing global population. Leveraging new technologies, thinking outside the box and applying them to on-farm production and supply chain systems is the critical factor at play.

It’s against this background that the Summit organizers are delighted that Guy Kawasaki, tech titan, former Chief Evangelist at Apple, venture capitalist and best-selling author will be a keynote speaker at the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit.

In his most recent book, Think Remarkable, Guy teamed up with Madisun Nuismer, producer of the Remarkable People podcast, to share invaluable knowledge from more than 40 years of working with game-changing organizations such as Apple, Canva, Google, Mercedes Benz, and Wikipedia.

Guy knows all about addressing the big issues. In the world of specialty crops, there are few bigger than the global call from regulators and consumers for ‘less chemistry, more biology’.

Are growers ready for the significant transition required to meet these calls?  It will require developing strategies that enable you to transform your plans to prepare for the major changes ahead. That will require growers to adopt a growth mindset, develop grit and build resilience. These are some of the key themes in Guy’s Think Remarkable.

At June’s Summit, Guy will close out the Day 1 session. He joins an amazing set of speakers and domain specialists who will be sharing their insights and expertise. You can view their profiles on the Summit Speaker page.

I am stoked that Guy will be joining us in June. The reason is personal.

Apple Computers is where I started my ‘tech’ career. 35 years ago. That’s of course all we did. Think Mac Plus, LC, CI, FX. Plus the odd laser printer. Since then, the company name changed and Apple has gone on to create whole new industries through its technology stack.

There are strong lessons to be learnt. With Platform10, Western Growers and Wharf42 are seeking to enhance grower confidence and facilitate market development and adoption of new biopesticide products. This will require a whole new generation of smart agritech devices and software that will spray, monitor and manage the application of these new biological solutions. June’s Summit program has been designed to provide stakeholders from the wider ag sector with both inspiring content and the opportunity to meet and engage to discuss this opportunity.

To quote Steve Jobs;

‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Greetings from Braga Fresh, Salinas Valley!

Greetings from Braga Fresh, Salinas Valley!

As we prepare for the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit in June, Jacqui and I were delighted to be back in California two weeks ago.

During this visit, we joined 100 growers at ‘The Nexus of Soil Health and AgTech: Field Day at Braga Fresh’ in Soledad. A Western Grower Science event, the day featured presentations and in-field demonstrations of some of the latest agtech solutions being deployed by growers in the Salinas Valley.

The venue was appropriate. Braga Fresh is a family-owned property, growing fresh conventional and organic product across 20,000 acres in several different locations. The Field Day also provided me with a unique opportunity to meet and engage with a number of growers 1-2-1. The problems and challenges they face are familiar; labor, water, regulation and the ever-increasing cost of inputs.

One of the key themes that emerged from yesterday’s Field Day was the increasing interest in regenerative agriculture. A number of speakers provided science-based evidence which demonstrated its benefits for both soil and plant health. This in turn was supported by on-farm data that provided the hard numbers on ROI returns – typically to be earned 2-3 years after a system-based regen strategy had been implemented.

Many of the growers attending the Field Day are attending the Salinas Biological Summit in June. Increasing regulation (another key theme yesterday) around reducing synthetic chemical use means that growers are having to look at alternative inputs to improve plant health (& yield) as well as manage pest and disease damage to crops. The Salinas Summit ProgramSpeakers and launch of the Platform10 Global Partner Network and its international component in June are well-timed to meet this need.