NZ’s #1 Current Job Vacancy – Chief Executive Officer, Agritech New Zealand

NZ’s #1 Current Job Vacancy – Chief Executive Officer, Agritech New Zealand

I might be a tad biased, but this really is the most amazing opportunity for a suitably qualified candidate to take Agritech New Zealand to the next level.

Over the past 2.5 years, the organisation has grown to be the voice of Agritech in New Zealand. It has brought together stakeholders from across the spectrum – industry, research & government and helped build a significant long-term strategy for the sector via the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan.

Wharf42 will continue to play an important role – being responsible for Global Alliances. We look forward to working with and supporting the organisation’s newly appointed CEO.

The Formal Job Description on Seek

The Agritech sector globally is enjoying steep growth, and New Zealand is well-positioned to benefit from and contribute to this growth – so long as the sector acts strategically, cohesively and intelligently in both the domestic and global markets.

To help individual members and the sector collectively, AgritechNZ invites applications from suitably qualified individuals for the full-time position of Chief Executive Officer.

This is a varied, hands-on role including the following responsibilities:

Implement the strategic plan developed by the Executive Council to meet strategic objectives of AgritechNZ.
– Work for and report to the Executive Council with respect to AgritechNZ being built into a sustainable, fiscally responsible entity under the financial governance of the Executive Council.
– Manage the AgritechNZ budget and P&L according the budgets developed and approved by the Executive Council.
– Arrange project and event sponsorship, in line with direction from the Strategic Plan.
 Provide reporting on financial performance on a monthly basis to the Executive Council.

Membership Retention & Growth
Develop and grow AgritechNZ membership.
– Be readily available and accessible, responding as required by members.
– Engage effectively with prospects, members and stakeholders.
– Provide reporting on membership matters on a monthly basis to the Executive Council.

Projects & Working Groups
– Instigate and manage projects and practitioner working groups as per the Strategic Plan.
Provide reporting on project performance on a monthly basis to the Executive Council.

Marketing and Public Relations
Help develop and maintain a strong public profile for AgritechNZ.
– Support the Chair making major announcements, or responding to media, on policy, direction and purpose, support Executive Councillors who may make announcements from time to time, and be the public spokesperson for AgritechNZ on operational, tactical event and other matters
– Produce monthly newsletters and other communications in line with the Strategic Plan and publish via approved channels.

 The closing date for applications is 22 November 2020. Applications will be treated in confidence, and no referees will be contacted until after initial interviews with shortlisted candidates. Applications can be submitted via SEEK.

NZ’s #1 Current Job Vacancy – Chief Executive Officer, Agritech New Zealand

Agritech New Zealand – The Changing of the Guard

As recorded elsewhere on this website, Wharf42’s agritech journey began in Silicon Valley in the summer of 2015. Jacqui and I recognised that venture investment into the agritech space was increasing exponentially, but very little of this capital was finding its way to New Zealand.

Fast forward three years and we launched Agritech New Zealand in May 2018. Over the past two years, we have grown the organisation to 140+ members, representing a wide cross-section of stakeholders engaged in the sector. The launch of the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) in our home city of Tauranga, was a fitting fulfillment of our five years of work.

Agritech New Zealand now has the opportunity to engage its members with the delivery and implementation of the Plan. It has also been an opportunity for Jacqui and I to reassess our own longer term goals and ambition for the sector.

The world we live in today is very different to the one we enjoyed only six months ago. COVID-19 means that closed borders are likely to remain closed for some time. The impact on our export sector is significant and reaching out to our offshore networks has become our #1 priority.

Yesterday, we formally advised Graeme Muller, CEO of NZTech, of our decision to stand down as Agritech New Zealand’s Executive Director and Projects Director respectively. We will continue to fulfill these roles over the coming weeks as we secure a successful transition of leadership. We do not intend however to leave the ship!

We are working with Graeme and our Executive Council to create a new part-time role. We’ve yet to come up with a name for it but essentially, we will focus exclusively on developing Agritech New Zealand’s global footprint. This reflects our own view that now is the time for New Zealand, despite our closed borders, to step up and say to the world, ‘we are open for business’.

We are hugely excited by the potential opportunities that this career pivot will bring.

You can follow us on this journey via the updated posts we publish to this site. It’s an impact we are once again determined to deliver.

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